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Study on Flow Characteristics in the Cavity of Straight Open Channel Side Wall

Author(s): Itsuki Nonaka; Katsutoshi Watanabe

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Keywords: Side-cavity zone; Shear layer; Vortex structure; Circulation flow; PTV; Flow visualization

Abstract: An embayment in real rivers are depressions on the banks of the river, and they serve as habitats and breeding areas for creatures and plants. Therefore, it is necessary to know the internal flow conditions to manage them. In this study, we set up the side wall cavity in the experimental channel and examined the characteristics of the internal flow using PTV and visualization method. As a result of PTV, it was found that a large-scale circulation flow was formed inside the cavity, and a remarkable shear layer was formed at the boundary between the cavity and the main stream. From the results of the visualization experiments, it was suggested that a characteristic vortex structure was found at the boundary between the cavity and main stream, and that it played an important role in the formation of the shear layer and the circulation


Year: 2020

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