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Slate of Candidates

Council Election 2019 – 2021

Update 13/09/2019
Check the results of the Council Election, announced during the 38th World Congress in Panama

Nominating Committee 2019

At its meeting in Lyon, France, in September 2018 the IAHR Council has identified a Nominating Committee (NC 2019) for the next Council election ahead of the next World Congress in Panama, 1-6 September 2019. The Nominating Committee  will be chaired by Roger Falconer (UK), former President of IAHR, and comprises Julio Kuroiwa (Peru), Ana Maria da Silva (Canada), Arthur Mynett (The Netherlands), Jose M. Carrillo (Spain), Angelos Findikakis (USA), Yoshiaki Kuriyama (Japan) and Farhard Yazdandoost (Iran). IAHR President Peter Goodwin (USA) will serve as the Council contact person.

The NC collects proposals from individual and institute members, searches itself for candidates, and evaluates the performance of present Council members in view of their possible re-election. It must consider the alignment of candidates with Council composition requirements, including the question of progression of Council Members to Vice Presidential positions or to the Presidency.

It is the task of the NC to propose a list of candidates for the 2019 Council election, which includes Executive Committee positions (President, 3 Vice-Presidents and Secretary General) and regularly elected Council members. This list must reflect a balance between the possibly conflicting requirements of:

  • world-wide representation of the IAHR membership and yet at the same time a small active group which is capable to lead the Association, and to fulfil Council assignments;
  • continuous renewal through new members while assuring necessary continuity;
  • adequate representation of hydro-environment engineering practice;
  • IAHR’s goal to increase gender diversity in its leadership team – particularly for the future

Invitation to the membership for nomination of candidates

The Nominating Committee hereby invites all IAHR members to submit suggestions regarding nomination of possible candidates for Council. Please make your suggestions of potential Council candidates to any member of the NC 2019 before January 31st,including a rationale for the suitability of the candidate proposed and an indication of the nominee’s willingness to accept if elected. The Nominating Committee will give due consideration to all suggestions for Council Members.

NC 2019 slate of candidates

The Nominating Committee will evaluate all proposed nominations for Council Members with respect to their qualification for fulfilling the major tasks of the IAHR Council.

The IAHR Council has the task to promote the interests of the Association and co-ordinate the activities of its members serving the interests and needs of Hydro-environment Engineering and Research, both at global and at regional scale.

This includes long-range planning for the biennial World Congresses as well as co-ordination and interlinkage of activities of Regional and Technical Divisions and Committees, e.g. conferences, IAHR publications and Awards and promotion of continuing education, student chapters and short courses. Membership promotion, finances, IAHR secretariat liaison and links with institute members, industry and the profession are also important tasks, as well as relations with government agencies and other professional/technical societies and international organisations.

The Nominating Committee will develop a slate of candidates, which must be published according to the By-Laws by March 1st. This slate may contain up to two candidates for each position.

Any member wishing to receive a printed list of the slate of candidates should contact the Secretariat after this date.

Nomination by petition

If the Nominating Committee has not included your suggestion in its slate or if you have another suitable candidate not hitherto considered, all members have the option to file a nomination by petition within two months after publication of the NC 2019 slate. The new election procedure gives any group of members in the Association, which feels that its interests are not properly taken into account by the NC 2019 slate, the chance to submit nominations by petition for any of the regular Council member positions. A valid petition requires signatures of 15 members from at least five countries or from a group of countries representing 10% of the IAHR membership. This assures that there is support for a candidate which goes beyond a personal or national interest. All valid nominations by petition will be included in the ballot.

Nominations by Petition must be submitted to the Secretariat within two months after publication of the NC slate of candidates with a statement from the candidate, that she or he is willing to accept the nomination, a resumé including professional career, involvement in IAHR, and a statement on the planned contribution as Council member.                         


The NC will submit its list of candidates to the Secretariat for publication together with any candidates “by Petition”, reaching members at least two months prior to the congress. Members will be invited to elect the new Council through written or electronic ballot before and at the Panama Congress, closing on Wednesday 4th September, 2019.



NC 2019 Chair:

Prof. Roger A. Falconer, Former IAHR President