Korea National Chapter

The Korean IAHR members, established in 2007 the IAHR-Korea Chapter. The main purposes of this establishment are to promote the IAHR and IAHR-Korea activities among potential IAHR members as well as the IAHR members in Korea, to make our IAHR activities effectively by systematic maneuvers and to eventually promote the knowledge and experience of hydraulic engineering and research among members and thus contribute to our society with our professions 

The main tasks of the IAHR-Korea will be as follows:
- to organize conferences, seminars and symposiums on hydraulic engineering and research in Korea
- to recommend key persons in Korea to IAHR and IAHR-APD organizations
- to conduct works related to the Journal of Hydro-Environment Research (JHER) and other IAHR activities in Korea

Leadership Team


Dr_ Hyoseop WOO
Dr Hyoseop Woo 
Korea Institute of Construction Technology (KICT)


Vice Chair for geophysical hydraulics: Dr. Il Won Seo, Seoul National University
Vice Chair for coastal hydraulics: Dr. Young Sik Cho, Hanyang University
Vice Chair for water resources and hydrology: Dr. Sang Man Jeong, Gongju University
Secretary: Dr. Chang Wan Kim, KICT

 Dr. Jeong Kyu Lee, Representative of Korea for IAHR-APD will keep his role until next IAHR-APD meeting in Nanjing China