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2018 Annual Technical Meeting  

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IAHR UK Chapter


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  • IAHR UK Chapter 2019 Annual Technical Meeting "Resilience to Flooding", Cardiff University. Date to be confirmed


Leadership Team


Dr Reza Ahmadian
Cardiff University

Vice Chair

Dr Soroush Abolfhati
University of Warwick

Past Chair

Dr Andrew Sleigh
University of Leeds


Co-opted Members

IAHR Programme Officer


Past Meetings and Activities

Modelling Mixing Mechanisms in 1D Water Network Models, 16th January 2018, University of Sheffield  Website  Leaflet

IAHR UK Chapter 2017 Annual Technical Meeting "From Theory to Practice", 30 March 2017, University College London Website

IAHR UK Chapter 2014 Annual Meeting. The University of Warwick, 26th June 2014 website

IAHR UK Chapter 2013 Annual Meeting
Presentations from the meeting on "From Theory to Practice", Leeds, 2013 (UK Committees AGM):

“Urban flooding” Nigel Wright (University of Leeds)
“A connected way for assessing and communicating flood risk – the 'Generation Y' approach” Richard Crowder (Halcrow / CH2M Hill)
“Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Structure-Interaction - Vortex Induced Vibrations and Beyond” Thorsen Stoesser (University of Cardiff)
“The alliance of physical and numerical models” Sean MacCarthy (Hydrotec Ltd.)
“Manhole losses upstream of steep slope” Jenny Mills (United Utilities)
“The Outfall from a 40 year journey through a maze of sewers” Adrian Saul (University of Sheffield)
IAHR UK Chapter 2012 Annual Meeting
Presentations from the meeting on "From Theory to Practice", Sheffield, 2012 (UK Committees AGM):

“Sustainable Regulation in the Water Industry” Chris Barker (MWH Global) 
“Integrated Water Management from Cloud to Coast” Kunle Akande (Halcrow) 
“Developments of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) for Analysis of Coastal Engineering Defences” Benedict Rogers (University of Manchester) 
“Vertical Variation in Diffusion Coefficient within Fixed Bed River Sediments” Ian Chandler (HR Wallingford Ltd)  
“Image based experimental techniques for fluvial/shallow flows” Wernher Brevis (University of Sheffield) 
“Integrating Physical Modelling and CFD studies” Tim Thornton (Hydrotec) 

IAHR UK Chapter 2010 Annual Meeting
Presentations from the meeting on "From Theory to Practice", Birmingham, 2010 (UK Committees AGM):

[1] "Probabilistic coastal flood forecasting", by Nigel Tozer (HR Wallingford Ltd)
[2] "Integration of river, surface and sewer flow models - a novel approach to flood risk modelling", by Claire Underhill (MWH Soft)
[3] "Development of a risk based procedure and supporting tools for urban drainage (DtiSAM)”, by Yannick Cesses (HR Wallingford Ltd)
[4] "Supercritical flows - design and reality", by Viktor Pavlov (Atkins)
[5] "Comparison Between Theoretical Wastewater Fine Screen Headlosses and those Observed in Practice",  by Kevin Bjork (United Utilities)

IAHR UK Chapter 2009 Annual Meeting
Presentations from the meeting on "From Theory to Practice", Warrington, 2009 (UK Committees AGM):

[1] "3D CFX Modelling of Meandering Channel Flows - River Blackwater",  by Xiaonan Tang & Mark Sterling (University of Birmingham)           
[2] "Developing a National Time of Travel Data Layer for the EA",  by Linda Pope & Chris Burgess (Environment Agency)
[3] "Climate Change and the future of Urban Drainage in the UK", by Chris Digman (MWH)
[4] "Theory to Practice via Perspex - The Dynamic Effect"  by Claire Janion (MWH) & Tim Thornton (Hydrotec)
[5] "Practical Hydraulics on a Large Wastewater Treatment Works", by Rob Wilson (UU)
[6] "Theory into Practice - Steady and Transient Hydraulics for a Long Sea Outfall Upgrade", by David Mitchell (Atkins)