Prof. Forrest Holly (1946-2017)

Carly Kowalski      
Forrest Merton Holly Jr., distinguished hydraulician, leader in civil engineering, and stimulating companion, passed away on Monday, May 22, 2017. His professional life was filled with significant advances in computational hydraulics, understated leadership, and many interests that he pursued energetically. He gained the esteem, gratitude, and affection of the many people with whom he came in contact. His service as IAHR president (2000–03) reflected his genial, highly competent approach to the tasks he tackled. Read more

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Ramón María Gutiérrez Serret
I am very sorry for the loss. Forest was an extraordinary President of the IAHR, with whom important improvements were developed for the Association. Please send my deepest condolences to his family.

Arturo Marcano
I deeply regret the passing of Forrest Holly. I had the opportunity of sharing with him in the occasion of celebrating LAD IAHR Congress in Cordoba, Argentina, back in 2002. He dedicated much time to IAHR. Please express my condolences to his family.

José M. Grassa
The news about Forrest makes me very sad. I ask his family and closer friends to accept my deepest condolences. Being myself a member of IAHR Council under Forrest Presidency I had the privilege of working closely with him on the planning and arrangements for the change of headquarters from Delft to Madrid. I have great memories of such period and the energetic and polite way Forrest conducted IAHR business driving IAHR into the XXI Century.

Ana Maria Ferreira da Silva
I was quite sad and sorry to hear these unexpected news, and would like to convey here my deepest condolences to Forrest Holly's family, and also to IAHR. Over the years, my contacts with Forrest, invariably at IAHR congresses, were brief and far in between. Despite the briefness of our exchanges, they left me in awe of his intellect and human qualities. I am particularly grateful to him for being such a consistently welcoming individual within IAHR, and for his advice about 10 years ago on how to navigate through a particular professional matter. On unrelated to the profession matters: I vividly remember this conversation I had with Forrest where he elaborately explained why taking up flying would definitely eliminate the fear (something I used to suffer from). Of all suggestions on how to deal with fear of flying, his was the only one that made complete sense to me. I did not learn how to fly, as the fear eventually dissipated – but have on a few occasions passed along his "theory".

Nobuyuki Tamai
Forrest was a true gentleman. He embodied both European culture of traditional IAHR and frontier spirit of the USA. I had personal contact with him since IAHR Council Meeting at Iowa in 2000.

As the president and as an honorary member of IAHR, he made great contribution to IAHR through advice at the time of radical changes in IAHR, for instance, the latest name change and election of Council Members.

Felipe Martinez
Deeply shocked I send my condolences to Joyce, Lance and Laureen. Forrest was a great and brilliant colleague, a gentelman, good friend, excellent people... Unforgettable Forrest! Very sad news for all of us.

Erich Plate
I am so sorry to hear of the death of Forrest, who was a agood friend. I extend my heartfelt condolences to his family - and to IAHR, which lost a strong and very active supporter.
Erich Plate

Joseph Hun-wei Lee
Dear Colleagues, Prof Forrest Holly has made great contributions to IAHR. I recall first meeting him at the 1997 IAHR Congress in San Francisco, when he was among the IAHR leadership listening to the reports of the divisions at the AGM. And when I served as Vice-President I had the opportunity of working through some of the detailed documents he prepared during the IAHR transition to Madrid. Besides an outstanding scholar in computational hydraulics he embodies a very fine IAHR spirit – he has always been generous in helping and providing opportunities for younger colleagues. He will be fondly remembered by many of us.

Helmut Kobus
We have lost a good friend and a highly esteemed colleague. During our long period of collaborating in IAHR, I appreciated his high committment to linking research and application and his promotion of the younger generation in IAHR. We will keep fond memories of this open minded, vivid and alert colleague and convey our condolences to his family.

Jean-Paul Chabard
I was really shocked by the announcement of Forrest's death. Forrest was for me a rock on which the association has been able to rely for many years. He also knew how to instill his energy when he was president. Besides his great scientific skills, I have rarely seen a man more open and friendly. It is with great sadness that I offer my condolences to Joyce, on my own behalf and on behalf of all the active and retired EDF colleagues who have known and appreciated it.

Henk Jan Overbeek
Dear IAHR Friends, Enjoying my holidays presently in Southern France, a terroir where Forrest and Joyce so often loved to stay, I'm deeply saddened by the news that my great friend Forrest has passed away. Together we've gone a long way in the governance of our association; Forrest in his capacity as member of Council and VP, I myself as SG. His dedication, stewardship, and guidance was for me always a great help in many aspects and with much pleasure I often sought his council and advice. I will remember him dearly. Best regards to all, Henk Jan.

Hyoseop Woo
We, international group of hydraulic engineering society, lost an unprecedently able scholar as well as heartwarming friend. I still remember that Forrest welcomed me and other participants with a midwestern style at an IAHR Council meeting in Iowa City, Summer 2005. I express a heartfelt condolence to his family. Hyoseop Woo

Etienne Mansard
I was very shocked and saddened to hear about Forrest. My very sincere condolences to Joyce, Lance and Laureen. Forrest had an impressive technical career but also wonderful personal trait. People liked him very much for his character and friendly attitude. I had the great privilege of working with him as a vice president for 4 years during his tenure as the President IAHR. He was definitely a mentor to me and a role model to many like me. His visit to Ottawa, Canada for chairing an executive Council meeting of IAHR in spite if frigid weather is still vivid in my memories. We often talked about Grenoble, in which we both had spent some time at different moments of our career. He loved conversing in French and retained an impressive fluency in that language. I will miss his ever friendly and smiling attitude. Etienne Mansard, Past president of IAHR.

Jean A.Cunge
I still do not realise-definitely it was not Forrest's turn. I have been on his PhD committee and we spent 5 years in the same office in SOGREAH Grenoble. All his and Joyce's French friends from Grenoble, Nice and Paris are shocked loss is not only for hydraulics but also for human relations we all have together.

Arthur Mynett
Very sad news indeed. 
I clearly remember his way of chairing Council Meeting (Graz 1999 I believe) and the dinner we had at their house when Yenory Morales was finishing her PhD at IIHR (2004). His great support to me personally and for our association will always be remembered.

Angelos Findikakis
I am deeply saddened by these news.  Forrest was a great person and offered so much to IAHR.  We will all miss him.

Peter Goodwin
Forrest was an extraordinary human being – and someone who transcended academic politics or other challenges to always stay focussed on students, young researchers and colleagues
A true gentleman and wonderful colleague.
Warm regards

Rob Ettema
Dear IAHR Colleagues:
Forrest was a particularly fine person, highly talented, wonderfully engaging, yet also quite a private person.  I have known him since my early days at IIHR, and have been working with him in recent years as technical consultants for a long legal case involving the Illinois River.
Regards to each of you,

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ElsaIncio 5/24/2019 7:58:21 PMTEST
Young C.KimCalifornia State University, Los Angeles10/24/2018 2:42:55 PMI first met Forrest Holly at the 29th IAHR Congress held in Moscow in 1983. That was 35 years ago. Since then, we met many times at various IAHR Congresses. In 1997, he was the Chair of the Organizing Committee of the 27th IAHR Congress held in San Francisco. I served as one of Organizing Committee members and worked with him on many issues. He then became the President of IAHR and participated in the IAHR Congress held in Beijing in 2001 and in Thessaloniki in 2003. I always thought Forrest has done a superb job as the President of IAHR. His professional achievements in computational hydraulics, dispersion, unsteady flow, alluvial hydraulics and water quality modeling are well known. In 1980, Cunge, Holly, and Verwey published a book, Practical Aspects of Computational River Hydraulics. He spent five years at SOGREAH, Grenoble with Dr. Jean Cunge and four years at the University of Nice with Director Philippe Gourbesville. I believe Forrest let an active, productive, and fruitful life. He impressed me as a warm, caring, and supportive person who possessed a positive outlook about his profession. I consider him as my best friend and colleague. I dearly miss him.