Prof. Harold .J. Schoemaker (1913-2011)

Secretary Treasurer of IAHR 1959-1979
IAHR Honorary Member 1979-2011
Harold Schoemaker died in Delft, 15th May 2011. Prof. Schoemaker was Director of WL Delft Hydraulics (now Deltares) in 1960 until 1971. He was elected Secretary Treasurer of IAHR at the 8th Congress in Montreal in 1959 taking the place of Thijsse and occupied the post until 1979. Read full obituary
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Janos Bogardi
When someone like Harold Shoemaker, who personalized IAHR passes away is always a memento for us to keep the spirit and pass the torch to thoise who follow him and follow us. I recall my first encounter with him in the late 1960s when he came to Hungary to meet my father.
Helmut Kobus
The sad news that Harold Schoemaker has passed away brings back many fon memories of a truely international and farsighted leader in hydraulic engineering. When I joined IAHR in 1961, Harold Schoemaker to me was IAHR in person. And in my early activites for the association, he was always a helpful promoter and good advisor. His interest in the international developments in hydraulic engineering and his many longlasting contributions to the development of IAHR we will gratefully keep in our memory. 
Pavel Novak 
I was very saddened and touched by the news of Harold's passing. Not only was he a dedicated member of the IAHR community, one of its leaders and an outstanding hydraulic engineer, but also a good friend to me. During my 30 years association with IHE I always visited him when in Delft and enjoyed our conversation and Annie's hospitality.
Erich Plate
Dear all,
Today is the first day of my look into the internet after a couple weeks of vacation. Thank you all for the effort in making the merits of Harold known to the IAHR membership, most of whom will not remember him or his great engagement for the association. I am deeply moved by the death of Harold, who was a dear friend whom I visited occasionally in his home - always discussing some special problems. During my last visit while I was acting secretary general of IAHR he, inspite of his poor eyesight, went through dusty papers to clearly trace the history of the Manning (not rightfully called so, according to him) equation for me. We had become friends in the preparation of the IAHR Congress in Baden-Baden, where he helped greatly to make that congress a success- and where he confided to me that for the sake of IAHR he broke his promise of never working with Germans (after the 2nd World War). He was a great and dedicated person, and he was a true representative of the spirit of international cooperation in hydraulic research which was the hallmark of the Dutch engagement in IAHR in the second half of last century.