Prof. Oleg Fedorovich Vasiliev (1925-2017)

Carly KowalskiProfessor O.F. Vasiliev was known as an outstanding expert in Hydrology and ecology of reservoirs, lakes, river systems and their watersheds, Environmental fluid mechanics and hydraulics, Mathematical modelling of hydrologic processes and contaminant transport and transformation in hydrologic systems, Water resources and water quality management. He was a major organizer of science, making great efforts to set up and establish the Institute for Water and Environmental Problems, the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk. Dr. Vasiliev was active during decades in the field of international corporation. He has authored more than 250 scientific publications. He was always available for a kind chat with his colleagues, and had a supporting and positive way in his social behavior. A good friend to many of the elder IAHR Members has passed. Read full obituary

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Rob Ettema


"I take the liberty of attaching two photos of Oleg Vasiliev, who I came to know a little.  
One photo was taken in 1968 when Oleg visited IIHR at the University of Iowa.  This photo shows him at dinner with Hunter Rouse, Jack Kennedy and Arved Raudkivi.  Jack and Hunter were a bit concerned how the visit of Oleg and Arved would go, as Arved was originally from Estonia (and had lost his elder brother to a Russian gulag).  However, by all accounts, the visit went very well.
Oleg and Arved were back in Iowa in May, 1995 for the colloquium to honor Jack Kennedy.  My wife and I had Oleg and Arved over to our home for dinner and a very enjoyable evening.  Arved is now 96 and doing quite well.

The second photo shows the participants in the 2005, NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Extreme Hydrologic Events, which was held in Academogorod, Novosibirsk.  Oleg is in the middle of the front row. 

Oleg was a gentlemanly scholar who seemed to readily bridge difficult waters, such as exist too often between Russia and the USA, and Russia and Europe.  We need more colleagues like him
Best regards,
- Rob"

Peter Goodwin
"This is very sad news – and a giant in our field.

Many thanks to Willi and Aleksandr for the nice obituary.



Michael B. Abbott
"This is such a long-time of troubles and the loss is now with us. My condolences I send to you.
I have read your letter and I thank you for informing me of this sad occasion.
I trust that this will be accepted,
Michael B. Abbott."

Giampaolo Di Silvio

Willi H. Hager
"The passing of Oleg is sad, I have met him and discussed with him lots of issues during the 2007 IAHR World Congress in Venice, after having known him for years before."