Professor D. Alan Ervine (1949-2010)

Professor D. Alan Ervine, who died on September 3rd 2010 in Glasgow UK, was an internationally renowned researcher in water engineering, an inspirational educator and an influential campaigner for water supply, sanitation and poverty relief in Africa. Throughout his 30-year career in hydraulic engineering, based mainly at the Dept. of Civil Engineering at the University of Glasgow, he was a successful academic, but deeply skeptical of research for research’s sake.
Alan was not one to waste his time on projects that didn’t ultimately lead to practical benefit and was keen to protect others from such folly. Thus he had a polite but direct way of challenging colleagues and students to properly direct their projects, pursue workable innovations and present practical results. His adherence to these principles ensured that not only his research was of the high technical caliber but it was also relevant and ultimately used in practice. Read full obituary
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Christopher George
I last met Alan at the IAHR Venice Congress where we held a special meeting on how IAHR could better serve our profession in the lesser developed countries. he was very keen to help!
he is much missed.
Zhixian Cao 
I was extremely sad to hear about this. 
I first met Alan at the IAHR Congress in Graz in 1999. Then, I had the pleasure to collaborate with him on compound channel flows and sediment transport. Over the last ten years, I was so lucky to have his sharp comments AND ALSO encouragements ("stay in your field, young man")! This year, I saw Alan twice in Glasgow and once in Edinburgh (in a breakfast before the opening section of the IAHR European Congress, the last time I saw him.
Alan is a great gentleman, and will be missed by all.
Let's wish Alan well forever.
Pavel Novak 
I was extremely sorry to hear of Alan's passing away. I have lost a friend and the whole IAHR community a dedicated and outstanding researcher and remarkable person.