For Council Member

Dr. Ioana Popescu

The Netherlands

Curriculum Vitae


If elected my contributions in the Council will be in the following important areas: 
  • In the past years my main activities in IAHR were strongly linked with the Young Professionals Committee, where I also served as a Chair in 2011-2012. In this position I could see that Young Professionals and the corresponding network is an important element of the organisation, therefore I see it very important to promote and support the YPN, especially creating opportunities for an improved collaboration between fresh graduates and industry. Moreover strengthening YPN would envisage creating more possibilities for communication between the experienced members of IAHR and YPN.
  • Linked with the above it is very important to strengthen the link between industry, companies and academia so that universities are collaborating  together with industry, not only to prepare better graduates but also to understand what are the technological needs of the industry.
  • Collaboration with other international engineering associations that are active in the hydro-environment, creating links for research. As such IAHR will remain an important player in the world of water and will foster research in water related areas. Such activities will be supporting the aim stated in IAHR’s  2015-2019  strategic plan to become an international community of research and best practice.
  • Promote communications of specialists between different Technical Committees within IAHR to create stronger interdisciplinarity.
If elected I will collaborate and work together with the Council members, Executive Committee and Secretariat officers to achieve the objectives of the IAHR Strategic Plan.