For Council Member - Americas

Prof. Robert Ettema

Colorado State University

Curriculum Vitae



I presently am serving as an at-large member of IAHR’s Council, and I am keen to serve as a North American representative on IAHR’s Council.  A vibrant and engaged IAHR is vital for water engineering in North America.


In my view, the following considerations are foremost for the North American representative:
  • Represent both the USA and Canada, as the two countries comprise the constituency of the North American representative.
  • Foster enthused engagement.  A foremost task for the North American representative is to foster and stimulate the engagement of IAHR’s immediate constituents in the USA and Canada– students, researchers, educators, practitioners.  This task requires further building up of IAHR’s membership, including corporate and governmental organizations.
  • Increase USA and Canadian participation.  A trend in recent years has been a relative decline in IAHR membership of individuals as well as U.S. and Canadian organizations.  Reversing this trend involves heightened, thoughtful marketing of the value of IAHR membership and products (notably, research findings, improved designs, education mechanisms, consultant expertise).
  • Sharpen image. My impression is that IAHR does a good job presenting and promoting itself, but I see the need to sharpen IAHR’s image, especially for people not directly involved in university-based research.  For example, IAHR’s website needs a clearer message regarding IAHR’s purpose and products.  Also, the website should promote philanthropic giving to IAHR activities.  This latter effort entails strengthening IAHR’s appeal to potential donors.
  • Aid IAHR develop a fiscal model that facilitates IAHR‘s purpose.  A broadened income model is needed.  In addition to continued reliance on the traditional source of income (membership dues), together with modest earnings from IAHR products (e.g., conferences) the fiscal model must increase gifting as a source of funds.  A broadened income model must be embraced by IAHR’s divisions as well as IAHR as a whole.
  • A reputation of high quality.  Besides considerations of fiscal bottom-line, it is critically important that IAHR continue to promote its reputation for high quality products (publications, conferences, education mechanisms).  Where IAHR sees advantage in partnering with other organizations to create quality products, it should judiciously do so.

I appreciate the honor of being nominated to serve as North American representative to IAHR’s Council.
R. Ettema