Vice President - Europe

Prof. Silke Wieprecht

Universität Stuttgart
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Institute of Hydraulic Engineering

Silke Wieprecht is a full professor at the University of Stuttgart, Institute of Modelling Hydraulic and Environmental Systems. She holds a Diploma degree as Civil Engineer (TU Munich) and finished her dissertation about “Sediment transport and bed forms in gravel bed rivers” in 1998. After two years as consultant engineer she joined the Federal Institute of Hydrology being responsible for the morphology of navigable rivers in Germany. In 2003 she received a tenure position as Full Professor at the University of Stuttgart. During her professional career she passed several research stays at international universities in China, Malaysia, Norway, and in 2017 also South Africa.
Sediment transport is her passion in research. However, her scientific approaches are on a highly multidisciplinary level working in an international network together with engineers, biologists, ecologists, chemists, sociologists and others. 
Since the end of the 1990ies she is strongly tied with the activities of IAHR. It started and it still applies with exchange in the technical sections (rivers, fluvial, sediments, flood risk management). In the last years her activities developed also in a more strategic commitment e.g. in the European Regional Division (4 years) and in the Council (since 2013). Since several years, she is the advisor of the (former student chapter and now) YPN in Stuttgart. Since 2013 she also holds the position as Chair of the Young Professionals Committee in IAHR. As Course Coordinator of the International Master´s Program WAREM, where students from all over the world come to Stuttgart, she is in her everyday life part of an international environment with young professionals, all of them highly engaged in the water sector. 
  • Young professionals are the future and the lifeblood of our organisation. This is the reason why YPN and the active engagement with them are of high concern for me. The topic of support and promotion of YPN, especially in cooperation with universities but – at least of the same significance – also with companies and industry, is from my point of view of major importance.
  • IAHR as a relative small (compared to others e.g IWA) association should tie strategic collaborations and foster solidarity with other organisations being active in comparable or neighbouring fields (IWA, ICOLD, IAHS, and others). as an adequate member of a superior alliance with the aim to play an essential role in the larger international context, like e.g. the World Water Council. 
  • In 2016 I guided the Taskforce “Gender Equity”, where we analysed the actual situation of gender distribution within IAHR and developed ideas for potential measures to increase the number of female members. I would be happy to encourage especially the younger generation of women to actively participate in our association work and step up for leading positions.