Council Member Europe

Prof. Stefano Pagliara

Professor of Hydraulic Constructions, University of Pisa

My work at the University of Pisa regards, since 1990, mainly river hydraulic structures and flood mitigation with a strong motivation on experimental hydraulic. I am the Coordinator since 2004 of the Ph.D. program on Civil and Hydraulic engineering. In the last 6 years I served the IAHR committee on Hydraulic Structure also as Chairman.


As potential member of the council my statements are:
  • A main point is to  improve the appealing and attractive of IAHR to practitioners, engineers and young researchers.
  • Drive IAHR to promote events and cooperative projects in order to share best practices and team-working activities.
  • Support the creation of  new task groups on the main new, actual topics that our environmental research propose.
  • work with the IAHR team to encourage membership growth that remains a key issues for our association.
  • Work in order to maintain JHR as a prestigious research journal.