For Council Member - Asia Pacific

Prof. Vladan Babovic

National University Singapore

Curriculum Vitae

It is an honour to be nominated as a candidate for IAHR Council to represent Asia-Pacific region. Having been an active member of IAHR for more than 25 years, I envisage continuing my service to the association with a particular focus on the following:
  • Academia and Practice
    My professional career reflects strong interests in scientific research and making them societally relevant by addressing range of sustainability-related challenges. Prior to the present position at National University of Singapore (NUS) I worked at specialist consultancy and applied research organisations, such as Danish Hydraulic Institute and Delft Hydraulics / Deltares. As a result, I believe that one of the skills I can bring to the IAHR Council is to strengthen the bridges between academic and applied hydraulic engineering.
  • Societal relevance of hydraulic engineering
    The challenges posed by accelerating urbanisation and climate change require sustainable management of environmental resources – in particular water resources. As a council member I would advocate and promote approaches that leverage science into practicable, societally-relevant and viable solutions, especially with regard to use of advanced information technology in water management, linkages between food, water and energy use, as well as strategies for development of climate-resilient communities.
  • Technology and its impact on the profession
    Management of water – one of this planet’s most precious, yet dwindling resources – calls for the utilization of the most advanced science and technology for the purposes of better understanding and management of the looming water crisis. I am interested in advancing emerging techniques for studying hydraulics through use of new informational and analytic methods such as machine learning and data assimilation. Technology is overturning not only the world’s economies, but also bears a major impact on our profession. As IAHR council member I would advocate continued advancements of fundamental hydraulics enhanced by latest IT developments.
  •  Geographical outreach
    Asia-Pacific and South East Asia, with population exceeding 4.5 billion people, is home to almost 60 per cent of the world's population. I have been living in Singapore, one of the smallest yet among the most affluent nations in the region, for more than 16 years now. The strategic geographic of Singapore location makes it feasible to reach out to many new IAHR members as well as more actively engage existing IAHR members. As a council member I would endeavour to mobilise broad network of colleagues and alumni from the region, with a specific attention to proactively involve the nations that are opening up.  I would strive to enhance the IAHR relevance through more frequent specialist meetings as well as increase IAHR visibility and thought leadership at large global events (such as Singapore International Water Week  which attracts 17,000 professional bi-annually).
  •  Professional outreach 
    In addition to being a member of IAHR, and I am elected fellow of International Water Association (IWA) and play an active role in International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS), European Geosciences Union (EGU) and American Geophysical Union (AGU). Strong IAHR can benefit from even stronger ties and collaborative initiatives with these and other relevant professional organisations and associations. As an IAHR council member I would endeavour to promote the influence of IAHR in such professional circles.
  • Young professionals, students (including high-school students), researchers 
    The future of successful IAHR is with young generation. Having established IAHR Student Chapter in Singapore (now Singapore Young Professionals network) in 2008 I would continue to attract young engineers and scientists through student competitions and dedicated IAHR water day events. Communication between the young and experienced members is a most important aspect for longevity and sustainability of IAHR. In addition to this, as a council member I would advocate IAHR reaching out to high schools in order to communicate passion about hydraulic engineering to teenage students through events such as bi-annual Water is Life