Rivers-list, is a moderated community site for rivers, established by the IAHR Fluvial Hydraulics community in 2000, as a means of circulating information among river specialists about jobs, discussions on specific research problems, announcements of courses, etc. The list has around 2000 subscribers.
Rivers-list is open at no charge to specialists interested in all aspects of the science and engineering of rivers.

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Hidro-lista, es una lista de distribución moderada y gratuita, creada en 2007 por la División Latinoamericana de IAHR, como un medio de difusión de la información entre los especialistas del agua acerca ofertas de empleo, discusiones sobre problemas específicos de investigación, cursos, eventos, etc. La lista se inició en julio de 2007 y tiene alrededor de 4.000 suscriptores. 

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Coastal-list is a moderated email list for coastal engineers. It was established on September 28, 1995 by Robert Dalrymple of the Center for Applied Coastal Research at the University of Delaware. 
The purpose of the list is to provide the over 5000 enrolled coastal engineers/scientists a means to communicate with each other so that items of interest for the community will be disseminated broadly. These items might include job announcements, conference calls-for-papers, new findings and calls for action by the group.

The list has no connection with IAHR.