Year 2017 - Issue 4 Multi-Reservoir Systems Operations

Editorial By Angelos N. Findikakis & Mingna Wang FREE ACESS  Share it!

Operational Technologies And Practices Of Water Resources Systems By Xiaohui Lei, Xu Wang & Mingna Wang

MSWRMS-LAB: A Tool Of Water Resources Management In China By Zongzhi Wang, Liang Cheng, Kelin Liu & Xia Hu FREE ACESS  Share it!

Derivation Of Optimal Joint Operating Rules For Multi-Purpose Multi-Reservoir Water-Supply By Systems By Soon-Thiam Khu , Xu Wang & Qiaofeng Tan

Comprehensive Operation Of Reservoirs And Sluice-Pump Groups In The Pearl River Basin By Zhipeng Ma, Sen Wang, Donghui Wan, Kang Zhang & Huazhi Zou

Real-Time Optimisation Of Large River And Reservoir System Operations By Henrik Madsen & Anne Katrine Falk FREE ACESS  Share it!

Ecological Operation Of Cascade Reservoirs For The Spawning Of Representative Fish Species In The Lower Reaches Of The Jinsha River By Jin Chen, Jijun Xu & Zheng-Jie Yin

Reservoir Operation Rules For Controlling Algal Blooms In A Tributary To The Impoundment Of Three Gorges Dam By Jijian Lian, Chao Ma & Ye Yao FREE ACESS  Share it!

Comprehensive Operation Of The Eco-Hydrological Processes In Shallow Macrophytic Lakes By Zhifeng Yang, Yujun Yi, Xuan Wang & Xinan Yin

The Sky River Project By Guangqian Wang, Jiahua Wei, Yuefei Huang, Xudong Fu & Deyu Zhong

Co-Opted Council Members FREE ACESS  Share it!

HydroSenSoft 2017. A New Conference Aimed To Bridge The Gap Between Academia And Industry By Rui Aleixo FREE ACESS  Share it!

Experimental Hydraulics And The Sustainable Development Goals By Alessio Radice, Rui Aleixo & Rui Ferreira

IAHR Events Calendar FREE ACESS  Share it!

The Role Of Youth In Achieving United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) By Chee Hui Lai, Chun Kiat Chang, Hui Weng Goh, & Nor Azazi

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 Year 2017 - Issue 3 IAHR and the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030

Editorial By Angelos N. Findikakis FREE ACCESS  SHARE IT!

IAHR and The Sustainable Development Goals By ANGELOS N. FINDIKAKIS FREE ACCESS  SHARE IT!

Submarine Outfalls as Part of The Solution to Achieve SDGs By Philip Roberts, James Bradley, Robin Morelissen & Daniel A.Botelho

The Contribution of IAHR’s Communities of Water Management and Climate Change Towards The SDGs By Carlos Galvao, Young-OH Kim, Elpida Kolokytha, Arpita Mondal, Pradeep Mujumdar, Daisuke Nohara, Satoru Oishi, Roberto Ranzi & Ramesh Teegavarapu

The IAHR Ice Research and Engineering Committee and The SDGs By MATTI LEPPÄRANTA

Groundwater and Its Management as Critical Components of Sustainable Development By Zhongbo Yu, Alberto Guadagnini & Daniele Tonina

The Fluid Mechanics Committee and The SDGs By Harindra Joseph Fernando

Fostering Global Partnerships By Education and Professional Development By Michael Tritthart

Better Water Infrastructures For a Better World By Anton J. Schleiss

Monitoring SDG Progress For Water and SanitatIion: Challenges and Opportunities By Carter Borden, Darren Swanson & William Young

Report From the Kuala Lumpur World Congress 2017

New IAHR Council for 2017 - 2019

2017 Awards at the 37th IAHR World Congress in Kuala Lumpur

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 Year 2017 - Issue 2 37th IAHR World Congress

Editorial By Angelos N. Findikakis FREE ACCESS  SHARE IT!

Google Earth Engine. Interview With Tyler Erickson. Opening Keynote Speaker FREE ACCESS  SHARE IT!

The Deltares Aquamonitor By Gennadii Donchyts, Fedor Baart, Hessel Winsemius, Noel Gorelick, Jaap Kwadijk & Nick Van De Giesen FREE ACCESS  SHARE IT!

Bio-Ecological Drainage Systems (Bioecods) An Alternative Sustainable Approach To Overcome Water Related Issues By Prof. Dr. Nor Azazi Zakaria, Prof. Dr. Aminuddin Ab. Ghani & Ir. Chun Kiat Chang

Advanced Flood Forecasting For Malaysia By Nor Hisham Mohd. Ghazali, Emma Brown, Sazali Osman & Wan Hazdy Azad

Reducing Environmental Impacts Of Dredging Through Adaptive Monitoring – Experience From Malaysia By Jack Lee Vun Zac, Juan C. Savioli & C. Pedersen

The River Experiment Centre Andong – A Unique Near Prototype Outdoor Flume Facility By Du-Han Lee, Hong-Koo Yeo, Yong-Uk Ryu & Ellis Penning

Gender Equity Efforts In IAHR By Silke Wieprecht FREE ACCESS  SHARE IT!

W.A.T.E.R.: An IAHR-Emi Event Dedicated To The Learning Of Advanced Measurement Techniques By Margaret Chen, Rui Aleixo, Rui Ferreira & Mário Franca FREE ACCESS  SHARE IT!

IAHR 2017-2019 Council Elections FREE ACCESS  SHARE IT!

Obituary Forrest M. Holly Jr. FREE ACCESS  SHARE IT!

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 Year 2017 - Issue 1 Sensors, Data Acquisition & Analisis Software

Editorial By Angelos N. Findikakis & Rui Aleixo FREE ACCESS  SHARE IT!

Collecting In Situ Meteorological Data At European Scale To Support The Copernicus Emergency Management Service By Michael Natschke

Next Generation Information And Communication Technology For Smart Water Utilities By Carolina Moya FREE ACCESS  SHARE IT!

Feedback From 10 Years Of Field Measurement On Navigation Locks By Didier Bousmar, Celine Savary, Catherine Swartenbroekx & Gil Zorzan FREE ACCESS  SHARE IT!

2017 IAHR General Members Assembly FREE ACCESS  SHARE IT!

New Instrumentation At The Centre For Harbour And Coastal Studies Of Cedex: Examples And Applications By Jose F. Sanchez-Gonzalez, Ramon M. Gutierrez-Serret & Maria J. Martin-Soldevilla

MiCas: From Pressure Signals To Counting Bedload Particles By Rui Aleixo, Luís Mendes, Federica Antico & Rui M.L. Ferreira

Serious Gaming For Community Engagement In Multi-Hazard Mitigation By Marian Muste, Ibrahim Demir, Jason Smith & Andrea Carson FREE ACCESS  SHARE IT!

Aqua Republica – Humanising Water And Environment Education As Well As Stakeholder Engagement With Serious Gaming By Chengzi Chew & Gareth James Lloyd

6th International Symposium On Hydraulic Structures: A Retrospect June 27-30, 2016, Portland Oregon, Usa By Brian M. Crookston, Blake P. Tullis, Michele Palermo & Daniel B. Bung

Sediment Matter(S) A Report From The Isrs Symposium 2016 - Stuttgart, September 19 - 22 By Stefan Haun, Karolin Weber, Maria Costa & Silke Wieprecht

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