Jobs - IAHR-Hohai Scholarship Offer for Enrolment in the PhD Program 2019, China
Hohai University (HHU) is the pioneer and leading institution in Chinese higher education in water engineering. Its discipline of Hydraulic Engineering ranks No. 1 nationwide and its discipline of Environmental Science and Engineering is also very highly ranked among Chinese universities. The International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR), founded in 1935, is a worldwide independent member-based organization of over four thousand engineers and water specialists working in fields related to the hydroenvironmental sciences and their practical application.

As part of a collaboration agreement between IAHR and HHU signed by the Presidents of the two bodies in 2015, a Committee on Higher Education and E-Learning has recently been established within the Innovation and Professional Development Division (IPD) of the Association. This Committee has been formed with a view to enhancing higher education cooperation among IAHR members globally, and especially in talent cultivation and professional training. The IAHR-Hohai Collaborative Committee is focusing to promote international collaboration among universities and research institutions in the hydroenvironment domain in terms of discipline and cross-discipline development, teaching materials, textbooks, and teaching methodology.

The IAHR-Hohai Collaborative Committee wishes to promote a scholarship program called “One Hundred Outstanding Students Pursuing Degrees at Hohai University” among IAHR members. The Committee will offer “IAHR-Hohai Scholarships” to selected international (ie non-chinese) students to pursue their PhD degrees in the hydro-environment area at Hohai University.

Details of the IAHR-Hohai Scholarships:

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