Jobs - PDRA Position Available, Durham, Newcastle and Hull, UK
As part of a large NERC funded project between Durham, Newcastle and Hull, we are advertising a 32 month PDRA (at Durham) on monitoring of active seabed processes. 

Please can you bring it to the attention of sedimentologists, geophysicists, geochemists or physical oceanographers.

This post has some flexibility for a talented and ambitious early career stage scientist to develop their own scientific research agenda, using opportunities provided by funding of 6 major research cruises.

There will also soon be a second 20-month position advertised using hydrophone and geophone data to underpin a global listening network for turbidity currents and other seabed processes. A third PDRA position (linked directly to a second NERC grant) will be advertised in about a year from now.

Here is a synopsis on the work:

"New technology and methods are now allowing us to monitor active seafloor processes in action unprecedented detail, thereby answering major scientific questions and making major step changes in understanding of how our planet operates, offshore geohazards, global organic and geochemical cycling, and how marine sediments are deposited. For example, the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council and international partners have provided £4.2 Million in direct funding, and over £5.8 Million of ship-time for a series of novel and ambitious projects from 2016-2023. These projects provide the first detailed measurements from powerful and hazardous sediment flows (called turbidity currents) in the deep ocean, from a set of test sites worldwide. This work will include 6 major research cruises with UK oceanographic vessels to the Congo Canyon off West Africa, and Gaoping Canyon offshore Taiwan; with over one year of ship time during the next 5-6 years. These field expeditions are allied to development of novel, low-cost, smart and autonomous seabed senor systems (global listening networks), and to a major new centre for doctoral training in Offshore Wind Energy. This Postdoctoral Research Associate position will support this set of world leading research projects, and take advantage of the research opportunities they provide.

The 32-month Postdoctoral Research Associate position in Durham will have two key aims.
•The first aim is to provide project management and logistic support for this forthcoming series of major research cruises and allied projects, which will also provide access to an unusually extensive set of international collaborators and data.
•The second aim is to assist in developing novel and exciting scientific within the framework provided by these research cruises and allied projects.
Please contact Professor Peter Talling ( or 07803581666). All enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Closes midday on: 03-Jun-2019.
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