IAHR White Papers - new publications series

IAHR White Papers is our new publications series (online ISSN 2664-5637, print ISSN 2664-5329) launched to inspire debate and better apply scientific knowledge to global water problems. IAHR White Papers are written for researchers, engineers, policy-makers and all those who are interested in the latest for a better water future.
The first issue has just been published, it provides a simple explanation of what Artificial Intelligence is and how it can be used for water management. The paper can be accessed free on our website.

Issue 1/2019
Artificial Intelligence. How can water planning and management benefit from it?

Author: Dragan Savic 
Chief Executive Officer of the KWR Water Cycle Research Institute, the Netherlands
Professor of Hydroinformatics, College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, University of Exeter, UK