Hydraulic Transients With Water Column Separation
Hydraulic Transients With Water Column Separation
In the past 20 years, the problem of hydraulic transients involving interruption of the water column has attracted widespread attention from hydraulic researchers all over the world.
An international working group was set up, on Italian initiative, in 1971. This same group subsequently became an official Working Group of the International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research [IAHR] in 1978.
At the closing of the activity its members include experts from 12 nations. The group has organised 9 round-table discussions with more than 100 scientific reports presented and discussed. Subject dealt with included:*bubble nucleation and dynamics*two-phase flows*mathematical models of the basic physical phenomena*numerical simulation of transients in industrial circuits*instrumentation*results of prototype measurements (recording of transients in industrial circuits)*results of test on reduced-scale physical modelsConsiderable interest in the activities and outcome of the IAHR Working Group was shown by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the British Hydraulic Research Association (BHRA), Centro Tecnologico Hidraulico of São Paulo, Brazil (CTH), Laboratorio Nacional de Engenheria Civil (LNEC) and the Instituto Tecnico Superior of Lisbon, Portugal.This report consists of a series of separate and self-contained treatises designed for independent reading dealing with the following subjects:*definition of the debatable topic*hydraulic plant design and verification procedures*mathematical modelling and numerical analysis*experimental test on physical models and actual plants*data and diagrams*computer codes*final comments on hydraulic plant design procedures.
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