IAHR, founded in 1935, is a worldwide independent member-based organisation of engineers and water specialists working in fields related to the hydro-environmental sciences and their practical application. Activities range from river and maritime hydraulics to water resources development and eco-hydraulics, through to ice engineering, hydroinformatics, and hydraulic machinery.
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You are here : eLibrary : IAHR World Congress Proceedings : 34th Congress - Brisbane (2011) : THEME 5: Environmental Hydraulics and Hydrology
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34th Congress - Brisbane (2011)
THEME 1: Extremes and Variability (92)
THEME 2: Coastal Hydraulics: Form and Function (57)
THEME 3: Water and Carbon: Climate Change Impact (88)
THEME 4: Responding to Shifting Water Resources (102)
THEME 5: Environmental Hydraulics and Hydrology (147)
THEME 6: Professional Development: Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice (14)
THEME 7: Hydroinformatics (74)
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Total Documents : 147
University education in hydraulic engineering: a view from the caribbean islands Download file 01/07/2011
Physical modeling of the impacts of construction of dongting lake railway bridge on the river regime and riverbed development Download file 01/07/2011
Hydrodynamic erosion process of undisturbed clay Download file 01/07/2011
Effect of air release height on the formation of sediment thermal in water Download file 01/07/2011
Characteristics of sediment transport by flood events in the lower yellow river Download file 01/07/2011
Turbidity maximum and secondary flow in a cross-section of a meandering estuary: chikugo river, japan Download file 01/07/2011
Invalidity of classical log-law and its mechanism Download file 01/07/2011
Comparison of 2d laser scanning with 3d magnetic resonance imaging (mri) scanning; analysis of graded gravel bed porosity Download file 01/07/2011
Porosity model of flow through an idealised urban district influence of city alignment and of transient flow character Download file 01/07/2011
Multi fractioned sediment transport modelling - an approach towards an optimum discretisation of grain size distributions Download file 01/07/2011
Horizontal mixing in shallow flows Download file 01/07/2011
Study on the impact of tidal behaviour on the characteristics of water quality in hori river Download file 01/07/2011
Variability in measured and simulated bed load transport at a large gravel bed river Download file 01/07/2011
Time-resolved tomo-piv measurements to study 3d coherent structures in a pulsed jet in cross-flow. Download file 01/07/2011
Velocity distribution in a channel for erosion research in cohesive soils Download file 01/07/2011
Floodplain morphology at the austrian danube and its impact on flood hydrology and hydraulics applying the new fem-method Download file 01/07/2011
Studies on hydrodynamic erosion with soil protrusion apparatus Download file 01/07/2011
Temporal variations of scour dimensions by turbulent impinging jets Download file 01/07/2011
Experimental characterization of flow reattachment downstream open channel expansions Download file 01/07/2011
Sediment transport in a northern regulated semi-alluvial river Download file 01/07/2011
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