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You are here : eLibrary : IAHR World Congress Proceedings : 36th Congress - The Hague (2015) ALL CONTENT : Water engineering : Development of flow equation for hyperbolically shaped sharp crested weirs
Development of flow equation for hyperbolically shaped sharp crested weirs
Author : N. P. SINGH(1), S. M. YADAV(2) & JIGAR GAMIT(3)
Experiments are performed in an open channel under uniform steady flow conditions to generate basic head discharge
data for three hyperbolically shaped sharp crested weir sections of varying flatness; having eccentricities 1.1, 1.15 and 1.2
respectively. The computation of flow obtained by integrating the discharge through infinitesimal small arbitrary strip of the
section gives rise to complicated elliptical integrals. A multivariate regression analysis is therefore performed to develop
the flow equation. A dimensional analysis is carried out to establish independent parameters:􀜽⁄􀜪, 􀜾⁄􀜪 and 􀜽􀯪⁄􀜪􀬶 and
dependent parameter 􀜳⁄􀜪􀬶.􀬹 􀝃􀬴.􀬹 . The first two independent parameters 􀜽⁄􀜪 and 􀜾⁄􀜪 are dimensionless heads causing
the flow whereas the term 􀜽􀯪⁄􀜪􀬶 is the relative area of the weir section. In addition the terms 􀜽⁄􀜾 relating purely to the
weir geometry and 􀜽􀯪⁄􀜣􀯖 the ratio of wetted area of weir section to the wetted channel area are also analyzed to check
their utility. A flow equation is developed to give a relationship between dependent discharge and the independent
parameters affecting the flow. The computed data fits well to the experimental data giving a coefficient of correlation equal
to 0.97. Literature on sharp crested weirs was reviewed, but to the best of knowledge of the authors the hyperbolic shape
does not find mention in existing literatures.
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Chapter : IAHR World Congress Proceedings
Category : 36th Congress - The Hague (2015) ALL CONTENT
Article : Water engineering
Date Published : 14/08/2015
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