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You are here : eLibrary : IAHR World Congress Proceedings : 36th Congress - The Hague (2015) ALL CONTENT : Special sessions : Long wave propagation into dredged areas
Long wave propagation into dredged areas
Loading facilities for liquid or dry bulk in coastal waters are often planned in shallow water to minimise the length of the
trestle to the berths. This means that long waves associated with short wave groups in shallow water play a significant role
in the response of the moored ships. However, a large part of the long wave energy will refract away from the dredged
areas. The refraction effect and the propagation of long waves into the dredged areas were studied using physical model
tests and numerical modelling with Delft3D-Surfbeat for an offshore dry bulk loading facility along the Northwest Shelf of
The physical modelling was undertaken in a large wave basin including a shallow foreshore, the dredged basin and a part
of the dredged channel with steep side slopes. The results from the physical model tests and simulations are presented for
two sizes of the dredged areas, for a swell wave condition and for a free long wave condition.
Generally, good correspondence was achieved between the simulations with Delft3D-Surfbeat and the physical model
measurements, both inside and outside the dredged areas. Waves were refractively trapped along the side slopes of the
channel and the basin. This effect was stronger for bound long waves than for the associated swell. The trapping effect
causes that slightly less long wave energy penetrates into the dredged areas compared to the swell.
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