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You are here : eLibrary : IAHR World Congress Proceedings : 34th Congress - Brisbane (2011) : THEME 2: Coastal Hydraulics: Form and Function : Design for tsunami resistance: flume experiments on arrays of buildings
Design for tsunami resistance: flume experiments on arrays of buildings
Author : J.B. Hinwood and N. Mackenzie
Rows of buildings on a coastline have been shown to attenuate tsunami waves and reduce inundation levels. Previous experimental studies of the energy loss in steady flow through rows of buildings have used the flow of a wave or bore past isolated or small groups of obstacles. These studies, except those of Lee and Hinwood (2007) [L&H], have utilised waves of steepness in the range of wind waves and not tsunamis. The steeper waves break earlier and generally form a bore which results in less inundation than with more realistic wave conditions. This study investigates the relationships of width of the building zone, building layout, wave properties and beach slope on wave attenuation, extending the flume experiments of [L&H] using arrays of rectangular buildings mounted on a uniformly-sloping beach. The dominant factors affecting runup have been found to be beach slope and wave steepness, followed by the blockage offered by the front row of buildings. These variables have been combined into a single parameter and a regression relationship has been obtained for runup. The role of layout variables has been shown for a limited range of cases.
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Chapter : IAHR World Congress Proceedings
Category : 34th Congress - Brisbane (2011)
Article : THEME 2: Coastal Hydraulics: Form and Function
Date Published : 01/07/2011
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