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You are here : eLibrary : IAHR World Congress Proceedings : 36th Congress - The Hague (2015) ALL CONTENT : Extreme events, natural variability and climate change : Application analysis of small scale rainwater tank in terms of securing highland agricultural irriga...
Application analysis of small scale rainwater tank in terms of securing highland agricultural irrigation water
Recently, drought and rainy season are getting more serious. It is getting hard to forecast about drought because drought
frequency is getting shorter than before. Drought is threatening our life, especially damage of drinking water and
agricultural water were causing problem about farming program which is getting extensive and when all is said and done
This is absolutely big problem that drought is bring about insufficiency of supplies.
In 2009 (winter) and 2012 (summer), The Taebaek-si Gangwon-Do was suffered from enormous damage due to the
drought. Particularly, in 2009, cost of damage due to drought and restriction on water supply for 87days were estimated
daily life sector 134 billion won, industry sector 338 billion won, the public sector 47 billion won, mental and social damage
1,430 billion won. The total cost of damage was estimated at 194.9 billion won ( Korea Disaster Prevention Association ,
The other big issue of Taebaek is decrease in products of Highland Agricultural caused by the drought. Agricultural
damage of scale was estimated approximately 1.16 billion won due to drought in Taebaek-si (estimation of the Drought
damages with the case of Taebaek , Choichoong-ik, 2010.08) Highland chinese cabbage Which is the most important
agricultural product in Taebaek-si account for 95.9%(37,164 ton) of all agricultural production of Taebaek (38,757 ton) and
account for 86.6%(978ha) of all gross area(1129.6 ha)(statistics yearbook of Taebaek 2012). This is account for 18% all
Highland chinese cabbage agricultural production of all the country(177,708ton) and account for 21% all gross area of all
the country(5,495ha)(Korea Rural Economic institute, Agricultural Outlook Center 2012). For this reason, Chinese
cabbage of Taebaek-si is tropical agricultural product and is in charge of supply cabbage definitely. It is considered that if
small scale rainwater harvesting system would be installed in highland agriculture area, it could reduce damage of drought
at low cost and damage of cabbage would be decrease by system.
For this study, We have researched regarding current status of Small Scale Rainwater Harvesting System of Highland
Agriculture area in Taebaek- si and have compared with the amount of damage and installation cost in case of drought for
the beneficial effects of Small Scale Rainwater Harvesting System, flexible supply of water and damage minimization of
agricultural products.
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