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You are here : eLibrary : IAHR World Congress Proceedings : 35th IAHR Congress - Chengdu (2013) : THEME 8 - CLIMATE CHANGE AND HAZARD MITIGATION : The Examination on Inundation Analysis Model due to Interior Runoff in Urban Area and Its Applicatio...
The Examination on Inundation Analysis Model due to Interior Runoff in Urban Area and Its Application to The Countermeasure in Flood Situation
Author : Makoto TAKEDA, Toshihiko TAKAHASHI, Yoshiyuki NAGAO, Yasunori HIRAYAMA and Naoki MATSUO
Water disaster is one of the typical natural hazards and occurs in many places nowadays. The inundation due to river flood has caused serious damages like the human loss. Moreover, the inundation due to interior runoff in urban area also occursthe serious problem regards with inundation in underground space, traffic problem and economic damage. The inundation analysis model is very important and useful for the examination of a countermeasure for water disaster.The aim of this study is to examine the inundation analysis model in urban area and its application to the countermeasures in flood situation. Numerical simulation models, which consist of inundation model (overland flow model), river flow model and sewer flow model, have been developed to examine countermeasures for inundation due to interior runoff. This study treats the modeling of inflow discharge from overland to sewer system.It is shown that 500mm\h is appropriate as the upper limit value of the inflow discharge. The capacity of sewer system is not due to the capacity of inflow discharge, is due to the capacity of pipe flow. After the examination of the validity of numerical model, its applications on hard measures such as river bed dredging and soft measures such as inundation prediction are examined. From the examination of river bed dredging of Hori River which flows downtown in Nagoya City, JAPAN, the effect of river bed dredging was shown only north part of Nagoya city. As Hori River is estuary river and the river bed dredging is not effected the water level change significantly, the downstream area is not appeared the effect of the countermeasure. Moreover, for the soft measure, the inundation prediction system is developed with machine learning technique using the numerical results. This developed inundation prediction system is very useful for the real time measurement. Their results were shown that the numerical model is effectively applied to examination of hard and soft measures.
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Date Published : 20/07/2016
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