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PhD position on "Debris Flow and Snow Avalanches", Trento, Italy
The Doctoral School of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Trento invites applications for a PhD position  on "Debris Flow and Snow Avalanches".
The topic will be covered under the supervision of prof. Aronne Armanini.
Details are available here.

Here it is a brief description of the topic:

Topic 3

P.I. : Aronne Armanini

Title: Environmental granular flows

Synthetic description of the project and research outcome:

Debris flows, rock avalanches and snow avalanches are natural catastrophic phenomena that affect many mountainous regions around the world and that can be considered environmental granular flows driven by gravity.
A simplified approach is to treat them as two-phase flows: the liquid phase is water or air, while the solid phase is represented by the granular material. The rheology of granular phase depends on the type of interactions among particles: if the contacts are instantaneous, the granular flow behaves as a gas and it is in a collisional regime; if the contacts become long lasting and involve more particles at the same time, the regime becomes frictional.
The collisional regime is well described by the kinetic theory of dense gases while with respect to the frictional regime there is not yet a complete theory.
Recently a rheological model (heuristic model) based on the experimental evidences that the two regime coexist along the flow depth (Armanini et al. 2009) and that at the boundary with the loose static bed the rheology reduces to the Coulombian condition (Armanini 2010) has been proposed by Armanini et al. (2014).The proposed of this PhD thesis is to better investigate the interactions between the two phases and to extend the results on the rheology to non permanent granular flows such as debris flows and snow avalanches.
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