2nd IAHR Presidential Lecture: Coordinated Sensing Across the Entire Hydro-Environmental Scale Spectrum
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2nd IAHR Presidential Lecture
Coordinated Sensing Across the Entire Hydro-Environmental Scale Spectrum

Sunday, Dec. 4 (Americas) | Monday, Dec. 5 (Other Continents), 2022

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Harindra Joseph Fernando

Harindra Joseph Fernando
University of Notre Dam, US

Peng CUI

Peng CUI
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Stephen Monismith_副本.png

Stephen Monismith
Stanford University, US


Joseph Lee.jpg

Joseph Hun-wei Lee
IAHR President

Time in Different Zones

This event will be organized on Monday, December 5, 2022 in Asia Pacific, Africa and Europe but will be on Sunday, December 4, 2022 in the Americas. It will start at

  • 20:00 (New York/Lima, UTC-8) on Sunday, December 4

  • 01:00 (UTC/GMT) on Monday, December 5

  • 02:00 (Madrid/Paris, UTC+1) on Monday, December 5

  • 09:00 (Beijing/Singapore, UTC+8) on Monday, December 5


Introduction (5 mins)

  • Joseph Hun-wei Lee | President, IAHR; President, Macau University of Science and Technology, China

Keynote Lecture (60 mins)

  • Harindra Joseph Fernando | Wayne and Diana Murdy Endowed Professor of Engineering and Geosciences, University of Notre Dame, USA
    Coordinated Sensing Across the Entire Hydro-Environmental Scale Spectrum

Invited Talks (30 mins each)

  • Peng CUI | Academician, Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

  • Stephen Monismith | Obayashi Professor in the School of Engineering, Stanford University, USA

Discussion and Q&A (30 mins)

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Useful Information

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  • Certificate of Participation: A link will be clickable on the LIVE page during the webinar (click here to know how). Anyone requesting a certificate, issued by IAHR, will have to register their request there.

  • Playback: Not able to watch live? Don't worry. The playback video will be available soon after the webinar.

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