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Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, to continue serving our members and benefiting the whole global community, IAHR has been organizing all kinds of online events from webinars to short courses and even congresses, many of which support the participants to request their certificate of participation.

Instead of the traditional way of sending such certificates via emails, starting from November 16, 2021 a more user-friendly system is put into use, allowing the participants to request their certificate by a single click during the webinar (when you have logged in).

Here is how everything works.

Click to Request on LIVE Page

If a specific online event supports the requesting of Certificate of Participation, you will find the link on its LIVE page. See the image below:

During the live-streaming, if you have logged in and then click, you will be told that your certificate has been successfully requested. Then you can sit back and enjoy the online event.

But if you have not logged in, you will be asked to log in or create a free IAHR account first. After that, you will be brought back to the LIVE page, and you will still need to click the link again to request your certificate.

This works only after the live-streaming begins and before it ends. Out of this period of time, a message will pop up, as is illustrated below:

Download Your Certificates Anytime

If you are told that your certificate has been successfully requested, that means after the live-streaming you will be able to go to your personal center anytime to download the certificate.

On the upper right corner of most webpages of you will find the "Log in" link. Log in with your IAHR account, and you will find your photo and your name there. Move your mouse over there and click "My Account". See the illustration below:

Continue to click "IAHR Activities History" and then "IAHR Event Records" you will find a list of events you have attended. At the end of the lines you will find the place to download your certificates.

Still Don't Know How?

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