The Regional Divisions foster the scientific interests of specific geographic regions, focusing on the organisation of activities with specific relevance to their region.  The Regional Divisions are involved in organising world congresses and can act as a liaison between groups/local and regional chapters.

Africa Division
The Africa Division guarantees that regional hydro-environment concerns and priorities are taken into consideration and ensures the relevance and impact of the association’s activities in the region.
Asia and Pacific Division
Upcoming events: 23rd Congress of the Asian Pacific Division of IAHR. Chennai, India. August 8-11, 2022.Division's aimsThe main objectives of the Division shall be:to promote the science of hydraulics and its application in all relevant fields in the region;to promote professional comp
Europe Division
Next events and activities: 7th IAHR Europe Congress: Innovative Water Management in a Changing ClimateAthens, Greece. 7-9 September 2022.Chair: Prof. Anastassios Stamou Follow the official Facebook congress page Keep updated! Subscribe for free to Newsflash EuropeSubmit your proposal
Latin America Division
La Asociación Internacional de Ingeniería e Investigación Hidro-ambiental (IAHR), fundada en 1935, es una organización mundial e independiente, de ingenieros y científicos trabajando en el ámbito del agua -continental y marítima- y en el de su medio ambiente asociado. Las actividades van desd
Middle East and North Africa Division
Missiona) To provide a link between: IAHR members (individual and institution) and their institutions in the Middle East and North African Regions;Other professionals interested in hydro-environment engineering and research;National professional engineering and scientific organisations devoted
North America Division
Under Construction

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