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IAHR Fellows

New IAHR membership category recognises long-standing members with outstanding contributions to hydro-environment engineering and research.

IAHR seeks to recognise long-standing members who have made a significant contribution to the development of IAHR and in particular to the fields represented by the association. 

The ultimate goal of the IAHR Fellows membership distinction is to recognise the impact of particular IAHR members on the hydro-environmente engineering profession and sector. 

Who can be recognised as an IAHR Fellow?

IAHR Fellows should be visible and competent members of IAHR who represent the association with their expertise, represent it on relevant occasions, and identify themselves as IAHR Fellows.

IAHR Fellows should have made a contribution to sustainable development, the optimisation of global water resources management and flow processes and should be distinguished as an educator, practitioner, utility manager, regulator, researcher, engineer, scientist, or technical leader. Contribution by service directly to IAHR or its regional divisions will also be considered.

At the time of the nomination, the nominee must have been an IAHR member for a period of 15 years or more, including the year of evaluation.

Self-nominations are not accepted.

NOTE: An IAHR Fellow can be awarded the IAHR Honorary Membership Award. The IAHR Fellows membership category and the IAHR Honorary Membership Award are not mutually exclusive.

Who can nominate?

Any IAHR member can nominate any other IAHR member.

Required nomination documents

A nomination letter

Nominators should submit a meaningful nomination letter addressing the particular merits of the nominee. The letter should be written on letterhead (if applicable) and include the nominator’s name, title, institution, and contact information. The nomination letter should not exceed 2 pages in length.

Supporting letters

Two distinct and unique supporting letters from IAHR members are required. Supporting letters may not be from members employed at the same organisation as the applicant. Each letter of support should be no more than 2 pages in length.

A statement by the nominee

The nominated member must also provide a statement affirming that they agree to be nominated for the fellowship and their intention to continue contributing to the Association through their work as an IAHR Fellow. They must also include a listing of their past participation in specific IAHR-related activities (one of the most important criteria being considered).

Nominee’s Curriculum Vitae

The CV must list all the following candidate information: name, mailing and email address, employment history, educational background and degrees, professional qualifications, relevant honours, memberships, service to the community.

The CV should not exceed 5 pages in length. 

  • Please send all required documents to with the subject line: IAHR Fellow proposal, by 31 March 2023.

  • Please submit all required documents as unencrypted, watermark-free PDFs. 

  • Please submit all documents in the English language and use an appropriate font size/type (e.g., Times New Roman, size 12).

  • Incomplete submissions will not be accepted. 

What do we expect from IAHR Fellows?

We expect that a IAHR Fellows will continue to support IAHR in its activities, contribute to the growth of the network, motivate other members to become actively involved in IAHR and contribute to congresses, conferences, and events.

IAHR Fellows must adhere to the highest ethical standards of professional work and comply with the IAHR membership code of conduct.

Who selects IAHR Fellows?

The awards committee is responsible for the pre-selection of eligible nominees.

Unanimous decision of the Executive Council (EC) and a two-thirds majority of the Council approve the IAHR Fellows. The Fellows are presented and honoured at the biennial IAHR World Congress.

No more than 3 per cent of the current IAHR individual members can hold the status “Fellow”. When selecting Fellows, great importance is given to ensuring that the diversity of IAHR is represented. This applies to both gender and regional distribution. 

2023 edition: Key dates

  • 31 March 2023: Deadline to submit nominations.

  • 21-25 August 2023: 2023 IAHR Fellows to be announced at the 40th IAHR World Congress.

Membership fee

IAHR Fellows have the same membership fee rate as other membership types:

>> IAHR Fellows honoured at the 40th IAHR World Congress

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