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IAHR Position

Committee Name Position Start Date End Date
Committee on Fluid Mechanics Chair 2023-09-07 Now
IAHR Council Technical Committee Chair 2023-09-07 Now
Committee on Fluid Mechanics Vice Chair 2022-03-05 2023-09-06
Committee on Fluid Mechanics Member 2021-07-01 2022-03-04
JHR Editorial Board Associate Editors 2020-12-28 Now
IAHR Roma Tre Young Professionals Network YPN Advisor 2020-11-06 Now
Europe Member 2018-06-20 Now
Committee on Experimental Methods and Instrumentation Member 2015-08-06 2019-08-06

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
A Satellite-Based Analysis of Tiber River Inland-Marine Water Connectivity 2023
Lock Release Gravity Current Interacting with a Cylindrical Obstacle 2023
Atmosphere – Ocean Interaction in the Agulhas Current Region 2022
Gravity Currents Flowing Down a Non-Uniform Slope 2022
Gravity Currents Flowing over Roughness Elements 2022
LES Investigation on Entrainment in Intrusive Gravity Currents Interacting with Internal Solitary Waves 2022
Numerical Simulations of Density-Driven Exchange Flows Generated Across a Submerged Trapezoidal Sill-Channel 2022
PIV Investigation on Lock-Exchange Gravity Currents Propagating over Roughness Elements 2022
River-Sea System Connectivity: Analysis of River Plume Dispersal in the Northern Adriatic Sea 2022
River-Sea System Connectivity: Analysis of River Plume Dispersal in the Northern Adriatic Sea 2022
Gravity Currents Interacting with a Triangular Barrier: Insights from Non-Intrusive Density Measurements 2019
Non-Intrusive Density Measurements in a Gravity Current over a Porous Bed 2019
Unconfined lock-exchange gravity currents with variable lock width: laboratory experiments and shallow-water simulations 2018
Density Currents Flowing up a Slope 2016
Remote Sensing and Coastal Morphodynamic Modelling: A Review of Current Approaches and Future Perspectives 2016
Experimental and Numerical Simulations of 3D Gravity Currents 2015
An Improved Two-Layer Shallow Water Model for the Simulation of Gravity Currents Moving on Both Flat and up-Sloping Beds 2014
Phase Analysis of the Stretching Cycles of the Head of Unsteady Gravity Currents Developing over Smooth and Rough Beds 2013
Lock Exchange Gravity Currents on Upsloping Beds 2012
Visualization and Characterization of Gravity Currents over Rough Beds by Means of PIV Measurements 2012
Bed Shear Stress in an Evolving Local Scour Due to a Submerged Turbulent Jet Flow 2010
Experiments on Mixing in a Density Current Down a Slope 2007
Velocity and Turbulence Measurements in a Scour Hole at Different Scouring Stages 2007

IAHR Awards

IAHR Awards Date
Arthur Thomas Ippen Award 2019
Willi H. Hager JHR Best Reviewer Award 2016

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