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Hydrolink is the primary magazine of the IAHR community and one of the highest-rated member benefits. It brings you the latest developments in the field of hydro-environment engineering and research through articles on projects, research, and new methods and tools of interest to the community. It also provides a platform for reporting on IAHR Conferences and news from our members, and offers a forum for exchanging information and spreading the word on topics and projects relevant to the community.

  • The online version of Hydrolink is open to non-members since 2021 as part of the efforts of the association to disseminate and share knowledge. In addition to the online version, IAHR members will continue to receive their full colour printed copy at their desks periodically as a membership benefit.

ISSN: 1388-3445

Publication Frequency: 4 issues per year

 Latest issue

Hydrolink 1, 2024 | Drop Structures

Guest Editors

Sean MulliganSean MulliganFounder and CEO of VorTech Water Solutions Ltd. He is an active member of the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) where he currently holds the position of vice chair of the International Hydraulic Structures Technical Committee.

Rob EttemaRob EttemaRob Ettema joined the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in August, 2015 to further augment the outstanding water and infrastructure program at Colorado State University. His main research and expertise interests involve the following range of aspects regarding water engineering: hydraulic structures, river mechanics, and cold-regions considerations.

 Acknowledgement: Thanks to José Mª Carrillo Sánchez and Elena Pummer for their support in this issue. 

Hydrolink 1, 2024

Hydrolink publishes articles on water projects and issues of interest to a general technical audience, which includes the members of IAHR who either work on engineering design and construction of projects serving the water needs of communities and contributing to the protection and restoration of environmental systems, or are engaged in research supporting such projects. The subjects of the articles reflect the evolution of hydraulic engineering and research from being narrowly focused on flow problems for the design of hydraulic structures when IAHR was founded 88 years ago, to developing solutions to water problems in a way that serves the needs of a world that strives for sustainability.  

This Hydrolink issue is focused on the topic of “drop structures” which enable critical infrastructure that solve unprecedented challenges associated with stormwater and wastewater management in the urban environments. These challenges are intensifying in recent years due to population growth and increased urbanisation, as well as from capacity and condition of ageing infrastructure and climate-change impacts. To address these challenges, large-scale deep tunnels are increasingly being implemented around the world to cope with the conveyance and storage issues arising from the collection and treatment of stormwater and wastewater. Drop structures have been core to the safe operation of such infrastructure, where they function to convey storm or wastewater, safely and efficiently, through substantial elevation differences required across deep sewer schemes as they provide flood protection and pollution mitigation across society.

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The online version of Hydrolink is open to non-members as part of the efforts of the association to disseminate and share knowledge. In addition to the online version, IAHR members will continue to receive their full colour printed copy at their desks periodically as a membership benefit.

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Most articles published in every issue focus on a specific theme developed by the Editor with the support of the Hydrolink Advisory Board and the IAHR Executive Committee. If you would like to propose a theme for a future issue, or contribute an article on one of the planned themes, please contact either the editorial assistant, Estibaliz Serrano, or the editor, Angelos N. Findikakis.

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