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Hydrolink is the primary magazine of the IAHR community and one of the highest-rated member benefits. It brings you the latest developments in the field of hydro-environment engineering and research through articles on projects, research, and new methods and tools of interest to the community. It also provides a platform for reporting on IAHR Conferences and news from our members, and offers a forum for exchanging information and spreading the word on topics and projects relevant to the community.

  • The online version of Hydrolink is open to non-members since 2021 as part of the efforts of the association to disseminate and share knowledge. In addition to the online version, IAHR members will continue to receive their full colour printed copy at their desks periodically as a membership benefit.

ISSN: 1388-3445

Publication Frequency: 4 issues per year

 Latest issue

Hydrolink 4, 2023 | Interbasin Water Transfers

Hydrolink 4, 2023 | Interbasin Water TransfersInterbasin water transfers have played a pivotal role in sustaining regions grappling with limited water resources, catalyzing growth, and development in areas previously hindered by water scarcity. These transfers have not only transformed landscapes but also spurred economic development, facilitating urbanization and expanding agricultural activities across major metropolitan areas and vast agricultural expanses.
However, as the scale and significance of these projects have increased, so too have concerns regarding their environmental and socioeconomic impacts.In recent decades, there has been a growing focus on studying interbasin water transfers, particularly regarding their ecological disruptions, effects on water quality, and the overall sustainability of such endeavors.

Among this ongoing debate, Hydrolink serves as a platform to bring together diverse perspectives and insights from around the world, shedding light on the past, present, and future of interbasin water transfers. From California to China to Spain, our contributors investigate into the details of these projects, exploring their historical significance, technical advancements, and contemporary challenges. Through in-depth analysis and exploration, we aim to foster a better understanding of the complexities surrounding interbasin water transfers and their implications for sustainable water management globally.

In addition to the In-depth content, readers will discover an article outlining the strategic directions that will guide the recently elected Executive Committee in guiding IAHR towards the 2030 horizon. This period signifies an increased role for the engineering community in conducting research, fostering innovation, and implementing initiatives.

Finally a report on the 40th IAHR World Congress is featured, offering insights into the prominent scientific topics highlighted during the event and providing a glimpse into the membership activities.

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Issue 1, 2024: Drop Structures in Hydraulic Engineering

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Issue 4, 2024: Nature Based Solutions

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The online version of Hydrolink is open to non-members as part of the efforts of the association to disseminate and share knowledge. In addition to the online version, IAHR members will continue to receive their full colour printed copy at their desks periodically as a membership benefit.

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Most articles published in every issue focus on a specific theme developed by the Editor with the support of the Hydrolink Advisory Board and the IAHR Executive Committee. If you would like to propose a theme for a future issue, or contribute an article on one of the planned themes, please contact either the editorial assistant, Estibaliz Serrano, or the editor, Angelos N. Findikakis.

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