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HydroLink is the primary magazine of the IAHR community and brings you the latest news in the world of hydro-environment engineering and research! Hydrolink also provides a platform for reporting on IAHR Conferences, news from our members and offers a forum for exchanging information and spreading the word on topics and news relevant to the community. 

HydroLink is a printed publication in full colour (four issues per year), and is distributed to all IAHR members as a membership benefit .

Hydrolink publishes articles on projects, research, and new methods and tools interest to the hydro-environment engineering community! The articles published in most issues are around a theme. The themes are developed by the Editor with the support of  the Hydrolink Advisory Board and the Executive Committee. For a list of future and past themes please click here. If you would like to propose a theme for a future issue, or contribute an article to an issue on one of the planned themes, please contact either the Editorial Assistant, Estibaliz Serrano, or the Editor, Angelos Findikakis.

ISSN: 1388-3445 

Publication Frequency: 4 issues per year

Editorial board


  • Angelos N. Findikakis, Bechtel Fellow, Bechtel Corp. Adjunct Professor, Stanford University, USA  

Technical editors

  • Joe Shuttleworth,Water Engineering, Arup, United Kingdom

  • Sean Mulligan, Research Associate, College of Engineering and Informatics, National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG), Ireland

Editorial assistant 

  • Estibaliz Serrano, IAHR Secretariat Madrid Office, Spain, publications@iahr.org

Advisory board 

  • Luis Balairón, Director of Hydraulics Laboratory, CEDEX - Ministry Public Works, Spain

  • Jean Paul Chabard, Professor at Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech, Project Manager, EDF Research & Development, France

  • Yoshiaki Kuriyama, Director for Special Research, Director General of Asia-Pacific Center for Coastal Disaster Research, The Port and Airport Research Institute, PARI, Japan

  • Jaap C.J. Kwadijk, Scientific director,Deltares,The Netherlands

  • Henrik Madsen, Head of Research and Development, DHI, Denmark

  • Rafaela Matos, Head of Hydraulics and Environment Department, Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil (LNEC), Portugal

  • Yasuo Nihei, Tokyo University of Science, Japan

  • Jing Peng, Vice President, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, China

  • Patrick Sauvaget, Directeur Ressources En Eau Et Environnement, Artelia Eau & Environnement, France

  • James Sutherland, Principal Scientist, HR Wallingford, UK

  • Karla González Novion, Executive Director, Instituto Nacional de Hidráulica, Chile


  • Peter Goodwin, Past President of IAHR, President of University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, United States of America

Latest issue

Issue 2, 2020. Special issue on Hydraulic Transients

Hydrolink issue 2, 2020. Special issue on Hydraulic TransientsThis issue of Hydrolink includes eight articles on different aspects of research and practice in hydraulic transients in urban and industrial systems. Hydraulic transients result from sudden changes in flow conditions in pipeline systems due to the planned or accidental closure/opening of valves or the starting/stopping of pumps or hydraulic turbines. These sudden changes can cause pressure waves through the system and pressure spikes generated by column separation and rejoining.

Guest editor: Hamid Bashiri. Bechtel, USA

IAHR members can access the latest issue online

  • Editorial by Hamid Bashiri and Angelos N. Findikakis. Free access article

  • Transients in fluids and structures by Arris S. Tijsseling. Free access article 

  • Hydraulic transients and negative pressures – consequences and risks by Bryan Karney

  • Innovative strategies for controlling hydraulic transients in pumping systems and hydroelectric powerplants by Hanif Chaudhry

  • Hydraulic transients in hydropower systems: from theory to practice by David Ferras, Giovanni De Cesare, Didia I.C. Covas and Anton J. Schleiss. Free access article 

  • Sayano Shushenskaya 2009 accident update by Frank Hamill. Free access article

  • Surge mitigation for pumped storage hydropower by Elena Pummer and Wolfgang Richter

  • Controlled transients are reliable for fault detection by Silvia Meniconi, Caterina Capponi, Moez Louati and Bruno Brunone. Free access article

  • Challenges of modeling stormwater transients in developing countries by Daniel Allasia, Robson Pachaly, Rutineia Tassi, Jose Goes Vasconcelos, Ben R. Hodges and Robert E. Dickinson

  • Thematic framework: 39th IAHR World Congress. Free access article

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