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JAWER Editorial Board Associate Editors 2017-01-01 Now
Europe Division Past Chair 2016-07-29 2022-09-06
IAHR Council Member 2015-08-01 2017-08-31
IAHR Council Division Chair 2014-04-15 2016-07-31
Europe Chair 2014-04-01 2016-07-28
IAHR Council Member 2013-10-01 2015-08-01
Committee on Fluvial Hydraulics Advisor 2012-11-12 2013-09-08
Europe Vice Chair 2012-01-01 2014-04-01

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Full Issue 2/2023 - Hydropower 2023
Table of contents 2023
The energy crisis in Europa reveals the importance of reliable hydropower as a catalyst and enabler for the clean and safe energy transition 2023
Experimental Investigations on Plunge Pool Protection Measures for Ilarion Dam in Greece 2022
Research and Innovation Agenda for Hydropower as Catalyst for the Energy Transition in Europe 2022
Bottom Pressure Characteristics in a Stilling Basin Downstream of a Stepped Spillway for Two Chute Slopes 2020
Effect of building overtopping on induced loads during extreme hydrodynamic events 2020
Effect of a second layer on the time to failure of compressed riprap as mountain riverbank protection 2019
Erosion Processes of a Novel Configuration of Sediment Replenishment During an Artificial Flood 2019
Experimental Results of Gravity Currents Travelling over a Fissured Bed 2019
Hydraulic Jump Downstream of a Stepped Chute: An Experimental Study 2019
Behaviour of a Scour Protection Overlay with Randomly Distributed Concrete Prisms in Plunge Pools Downstream of Mobile Barrages for Exceptional Operation Conditions 2018
Design Optimization of Permeable Sediment Traps for Fluvial Bed Load Transport 2018
Experiments with Sediment Replenishment in a Residual Flow Reach: Comparison of Field Data with Laboratory Experiments 2018
Influence of Density of Large Stems on the Blocking Probability at Spillways 2018
Influence of Lateral Embayments on Suspended Sediment Transport Under Unsteady Flow Conditions 2018
Investigation of Local Scour Around Tandem Piers for Different Skew-Angles 2018
Numerical Modeling of Turbidity Currents with Ansys CFX and Telemac 3D 2018
Sampling sufficiency for determining hydraulic habitat diversity 2018
Sediment Balance of a Cascade of Alpine Reservoirs Based on Multi-Decadal Data Records 2018
Spillway Blockage Caused by Large Wood in Reservoirs 2018
The Challenge of Restoring Dynamics by River Engineering: Where to Find the Truth About River Flow-in the Computer, in the Lab or in the Field? 2018
Venting of turbidity currents approaching a rectangular opening on a horizontal bed 2018
Effect of an abrupt slope change on air entrainment and flow depths at stepped spillways 2017
Fluid–structure interaction in pipe coils during hydraulic transients 2017
Time-based failure analysis of compressed riverbank riprap 2017
Dynamic response of an embedded block impacted by aerated high-velocity jets 2016
Effect of deflector aerator on stepped spillway flow 2016
Example of Wave Impact on a Residential House 2016
Experimental Assessment of Head Losses Through Elliptical and Sharp-Edged Orifices 2016
Feasibility Assessment of Micro-Hydropower for Energy Recovery in the Water Supply Network of the City of Fribourg 2016
Interaction of Hydraulic Structures with Air, Water, and Rock: The Challenge of Researchers and Designers 2016
Waves Generated by Ship Convoy: Comparison of Physical and Numerical Modeling with in-Situ Measurements 2016
Case Study-Delta Restoration at a Steep River Mouth 2015
Comparison of Chute Aerator Effect on Stepped and Smooth Spillways 2015
Physical Modeling of Artificial River Replenishment Techniques to Restore Morphological Conditions Downstream of Dams 2015
A Comparison of Statistical and Deterministic Methods for Predicting Extreme Floods in an Alpine Catchment 2014
Bed Topography Evolution in a Discordant Bed Channel Confluence 2014
Energy Recovery for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) 2014
Steel-Lined Pressure Tunnels and Shafts in Anisotropic Rock 2014
Stress-Strain Analysis of a Coiled Copper Pipe for Inner Pressure Loads 2014
A Method for Assessing the Feasibility of Air-Bubble Screens to Reduce Morphological Gradients in Open-Channel Bends 2013
Closure to “Propagation of Surge Waves in Channels with Large-Scale Bank Roughness” by T. Meile, J-L. Boillat and A. J. Schleiss, J. Hydraulic Res. 51(2), 195–202. 2013
Coupling between flow and sediment deposition in rectangular shallow reservoirs 2013
Coupling Satellite Rainfall Estimates and Machine Learning Techniques for Flow Forecast: Application to a Large Catchment in Southern Africa 2013
Dynamic Pressure Distribution Around a Fixed Confined Block Impacted by Plunging and Aerated Water Jets 2013
Influence of the Convergence Angle on the Morphodynamics of Discordant Bed Confluences 2013
Propagation of surge waves in channels with large-scale bank roughness 2013
Temporal Evolution of Bedload in a Steep Channel over a Long Duration Experiment 2013
The Influence of Added Mass on Rock Block Uplift in Plunge Pools 2013
Time Dependent Failure Analysis of Compressed Riprap as Riverbank Protection 2013
Turbulent Flow Within a Random Array of Rigid, Emergent Stems: Laboratory Characterization of the Drag Coefficient 2013
Discharge coefficient for free and submerged flow over Piano Key weirs 2012
Dynamic Pressures Around a Confined Block Impacted by Plunging Aerated High-Velocity Jets 2012
Interaction of Different Wavelengths in a Turbulent Flow Within a Random Array of Rigid and Emergent Stems 2012
Monitoring of a Steel-Lined Pressure Shaft Using Global Indicators and the Frequency Response Function 2012
Preliminary Study on the Influence of an Air-Bubble Screen on Local Scour Around a Bridge Pier 2012
Riprap Protection of Vertical-Wall and Spill-Trough Bridge Abutments 2012
Scour formation due to simultaneous circular impinging jet and wall jet 2012
Dynamic Response of a Rock Block in a Plunge Pool Due to Asymmetrical Impact of a High-Velocity Jet 2011
Experimental study of velocity fields in rectangular shallow reservoirs 2011
Prediction of rock block stability and scour depth in plunge pools 2011
The Decision Support Tool MINDS for Flood Management in the Upper Rhone River 2011
Effect of inclined jet screen on turbidity current 2010
Experiments on the Response of a Rock Block in a Plunge Pool Loaded by a Symmetrical Jet Impact 2010
Influence of Local Stiffness of Conduits on Water Hammer Propagation Signal 2010
Semi-empirical model for channel bed evolution due to lateral discharge withdrawal 2010
Comparison of Measured Hydro-Morphological Parameters with Biotic Properties at the River Buenz in Switzerland 2009
Effect of Climate Change on Hydrological Cycle and Evolution of the Rhone Glacier 2009
Entrainment of floating granules behind a barrier 2009
Experiments on Flow Pattern and Suspended Sediment Concentration in Water Jet Induced Cyclonic Circulation in a Cuboidal Basin 2009
Influence of Geometry of Fish Shelters in River Banks on Their Attractiveness for Fishes During Hydropeaking 2009
Influence of the Momentum Flux Ratio on Confluence Morphology 2009
Response of an Intelligent Block to Symmetrical Core Jet Impact 2009
Velocity and Water Depth Analysis on Different Types of Block Ramps 2009
Bed Form Changes in Presence of a Lateral Overflow 2007
Droplet Entrainment and Slick’s Characteristics in the Oil Retained by a Flexible Spill Barrier 2007
Experimental Investigation on the Efficiency of Porous Media Such as Brushwood Fences on Damping of Waves 2007
Experimental Study of the Gated Spillway of the Shahryar Dam in Iran 2007
Influence of Outer-Bank Roughness on Flow Patterns in Open-Channel Bends 2007
Influence of the Width of a Rectangular Shallow Reservoir on Sedimentation Behaviour and Trap Efficiency 2007
Meteorological and Hydrological Forecast for the Upper Rhone River Basin 2007
Oscillations in a Channel with Rectangular Widenings at the Side Walls 2007
Real-Time Decision-Making During Floods: Application to the Upper Rhone River in Switzerland 2007
Rehabilitation of St-Marc Dam Experimental Optimization of a Piano Key Weir 2007
River Rehabilitation Through a Multi-Purpose Reservoir 2007
The Influence of Rock Fissure Opening Dimensions in Plunge Pool Scour 2007
Dynamic Pressures Generated by Plunging Jets in Confined Pools Under Extreme Flood Discharges 2005
Experimental Investigation of Oil Spill Containment by Granules Contained Behind a Rigid Barrier 2005
Field Measurements and Numerical Modeling of Wind-Waves in Lake Biel: A Basic Tool for Shore Protection Projects 2005
Influence of Side Overflow Induced Local Sedimentary Deposit on Bed Form Related Roughness and Intensity of Diverted Discharge 2005
Influence of the Macro-Roughness of a Bank Protection by Rip-Rap on Bed Load Transport and Local Scouring in River Bends 2005
Potential Synergies of Multipurpose Run-of-River Hydroelectric Powerplants 2005
Real-Time Flood Management by Preventive Operations on Multiple Hydropower Schemes 2005
Suspended Load Transport in Shallow Reservoirs 2005
Influence of the Wall Macro-Roughness on the Scour Process in Curved Channels 2003
Physical and Numerical Modelling of a Turbidity Current Flowing Through a Permeable Screen 2003
Quasi 2D-Numerical Model of Aerated Flow over Stepped Chutes 2003
Air Bubble Effects on Transient Water Pressures in Rock Fissures Due to High Velocity Jet Impact 2001
Grain Sorting Process and Scour in a Curved Channel with Coarse Gravel Bed 2001
Physically Based and Spatially Distributed Forecasting of Extreme Floods 2001
Hydraulic Behaviour of Surface Flow in and over Macro-Roughness 1999
Physical and Numerical Modelling of Turbidity Currents 1999

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Honorary Membership Award 2021

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