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Committee on Hydraulic Structures Past Chair 2012-01-01 2013-09-08

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Half-Rounded Circular Overflow -- on Cavity Transients and Non Linear Instabilities 2023
Self-Aeration in Free-Surface Flows at High Reynolds Number (2.6E+6 -- 1.1E+8) 2023
Challenging hydraulic structures of the twenty-first century – from bubbles, transient turbulence to fish passage 2021
Comparison between hydrostatic and total pressure simulations of dam-break flows By LEONARDO R. MONTEIRO, LUÍSA V. LUCCHESE and EDITH B. C. SCHETTINI, J. Hydraulic Res. 58(5), 725–737 2021
Hydrodynamics and secondary currents in an asymmetrical rectangular canal with streamwise beam 2021
Air-Water Flow Properties in Breaking Bores and Stationary Hydraulic Jumps with the Same Froude number-Analogies and Dissimilarities 2020
Can we improve the non-intrusive characterization of high-velocity air–water flows? Application of LIDAR technology to stepped spillways 2020
Full-Height Sidewall Baffles in Box Culvert to Assist Upstream Fish Passage: Physical Modelling 2020
Head-Discharge Relationship of Half-Round Circular Crested Weir: On Hysteresis and Instabilities 2020
Hydraulic Modelling of Pipe Culverts and Low-Velocity Zones at Less-Than-Design Flows 2020
Hydraulic Structures: Challenges, Diversity, Ecology, Energy Dissipation, Hydrodynamics of the 21st Century 2020
Image-Based Measurements of Air-Water Flow Properties in Plunging Air-Water Jets 2020
Statistical analysis methods for transient flows – the dam-break case 2020
Three-Dimensional Air-Water Flow Properties of a Hydraulic Jump with Low Froude Numbers and Relatively High Reynolds Numbers 2020
“Vegan” Culvert: Application of Hybrid Modelling in Modern Hydraulic Structures 2020
A Stochastic Bubble Generator for Air-Water Flow Research 2019
Air-Water Flow Characteristics in Hydraulic Jump on Pebbled Rough Bed 2019
Application of optical flow methods to aerated skimming flows above triangular and trapezoidal step cavities 2019
Hydraulic Design of Fish-Friendly Cost-Effective Box Culverts: Using Hybrid Modelling for Better Design Guidelines 2019
Hydraulics of an Asymmetrical Flume with Sidewall Rib to Assist with Fish Passage 2019
Turbulent Mixing and Turbulent Events in Breaking Bores 2019
Air Bubble Entrainment in Breaking Bores: Physical and Numerical CFD Modelling 2018
Free-Surface Instabilities in High-Velocity Air-Water Flows Down Stepped Chutes 2018
On upstream fish passage in standard box culverts: interactions between fish and turbulence 2018
Sediment Motion Beneath Surges and Bores 2018
Smart Baffles to Assist Upstream Culvert Passage of Small-Bodied Fish 2018
Baffle Systems to Facilitate Upstream Fish Passage in Standard Box Culverts: How About Fish-Turbulence Interplay? 2017
Sedimentary and Hydrodynamic Processes of Tidal Bores: Siltation of the Arcins Channel, Garonne River (FRANCE) 2017
Broad-Crested Weir Operation Upstream of a Steep Stepped Spillway 2015
Field Measurements of Unsteady Turbulence in a Tidal Bore: the Garonne River in October 2013 2015
Free-Surface and Seepage Bubbly Flows on a Gabion Stepped Spillway Weir: Experimental Observations 2015
Integral Turbulent Length and Time Scales in Hydraulic Jumps: An Experimental Investigation at Large Reynolds Numbers 2015
New criterion for the stability of a human body in floodwaters 2015
Physical Modelling of Tidal Bore Dyke Overtopping: Implication on Individuals' Safety 2015
Scale Effects in High-Velocity Air-Water Flows on a Stepped Spillway 2015
Turbulent Advances of Breaking Bores: Physical Modelling in a Large Facility 2015
Air–water flows and free-surface profiles on a non-uniform stepped chute 2014
Interparticle arrival time analysis of bubble distributions in a dropshaft and hydraulic jump 2013
Physical Modelling of Hydraulic Jump: Dynamic Properties and Internal Two-Phase Flow 2013
Propagation of a Positive Surge Against an Initially Steady Flow: Influence of the Flow Rate 2013
Scale Effects in Modelling Two-Phase Air-Water Flows 2013
Simultaneous Measurements of Turbulent Velocity and Sediment Motion Under Tidal Bores 2013
Tidal Bore Research: Field Works, Physical Modeling, CFD & More 2013
Turbulent Mixing in Breaking Tidal Bores: Comparison Between Field and Laboratory Data 2013
Undular and breaking bores on fixed and movable gravel beds 2012
Air Entrainment and Scale Effects in Hydraulic Jumps with Small Froude Numbers 2011
Inception of Gravel Bed Motion Beneath Tidal Bores: An Experimental Study 2011
Turbulence Measurements in the Garonne River Tidal Bore: First Observations 2011
Unsteady Turbulence Measurements in Breaking Tidal Bores Including the Effect of Bed Roughness 2011
A Note on Burst Event Detection in Unsteady Natural Flows 2010
Effect of Froude number on bubble clustering in a hydraulic jump 2010
Energy Dissipation on Embankment Dam Stepped Spillways, Overflow Stepped Weirs and Masonry Stepped Spillways 2010
Tidal Bores, Aegir and Pororoca: The Geophysical Wonders 2010
Undular Bores 2010
Energy Dissipation and Residual Energy on Embankment Dam Stepped Spillways 2009
Jean-Baptiste Belanger, Hydraulic Engineer, Researcher and Academic 2009
Non Intrusive Measurement Technique for Dynamic Free-Surface Characteristics in Hydraulic Jumps 2009
Numerical Simulation of Rectangular Dropshafts Using a Volume-of-Fluid (VO F) Technique 2009
Turbulence Measurements in Tidal Bores: Influence of Bed Roughness 2009
Turbulent Shear Stresses in Hydraulic Jumps and Decelerating Surges 2009
Similitude and scale effects of air entrainment in hydraulic jumps 2008
Air Bubble Entrainment in Hydraulic Jumps: Physical Modeling and Scale Effects 2007
Clustering Process Analysis in a Large-Size Dropshaft and in a Hydraulic Jump 2007
High-Frequency Turbulence and Sediment Flux Measurements in an Upper Estuarine Zone 2007
Self-Similarity of Air-Water Flows in Skimming Flows on Stepped Spillways 2007
Acoustic Doppler Velocimetry (ADV) in a Small Estuarine System. Field Experience and "Despiking" 2005
Air Entrainment and Velocity Redistribution in a Bottom Outlet Jet Flow 2005
Analytical Solution of Dam Break Wave with Flow Resistance. Application to Tsunami Surges 2005
Experimental Study of Turbulence Manipulation in Stepped Spillways. Implications on Flow Resistance in Skimming Flows 2005
Fluid Dynamic Treatment of Thixotropic Debris Flows and Avalanches 2005
Tidal Bore Processes in the Baie Du Mont Saint Michel (FRANCE): Field Observations and Discussion 2005
Mixing and Dispersion in Sub-Tropical Estuarine System: Field Works and Experience at Eprapah Creek (Australia) 2004
Hydraulic Engineering: Where To? (Quel Futur Pour L'Ingenierie Hydraulique?) 2003
Interaction Between Free-Surface Aeration and Cavity Recirculation in Skimming Flows Down Stepped Chutes 2001
Boundary Shear Stress Measurements Below Freesurface Standing Waves: Application to Bed Form Processes 1999
Dropshaft Cascades in Roman Aqueducts 1999
Siltation of Australian Reservoirs: Some Observations and Dam Safety Implications 1999
Energy Dissipation in Stepped Waterway 1997
Air Bubble Entrainment in Hydraulic Jumps with Partially Developed Inflow Conditions 1995
Three-DIM Ensional Features of Undular Hydraulic Jumps 1995

IAHR Awards

IAHR Awards Date
Arthur Thomas Ippen Award 2003

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