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Committee on Fluvial Hydraulics Member 2020-09-25 Now
Committee on Experimental Methods and Instrumentation Member 2015-08-06 2019-08-06
Committee on Fluvial Hydraulics Co-opted 2013-09-08 2020-09-25
IAHR University of Coimbra Student Chapter Student Advisor 2012-01-01 2014-03-19

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Morphological Impact of Bridge Construction on Sunsari Morang Irrigation Intake 2020
Effect of a second layer on the time to failure of compressed riprap as mountain riverbank protection 2019
Erosion Processes of a Novel Configuration of Sediment Replenishment During an Artificial Flood 2019
Experimental Results of Gravity Currents Travelling over a Fissured Bed 2019
Dam Break over Mobile Bed: Characterisation of the Flow by Means of Pressure Distribution and Bed Shear Stress 2018
Experiments with Sediment Replenishment in a Residual Flow Reach: Comparison of Field Data with Laboratory Experiments 2018
Influence of Lateral Embayments on Suspended Sediment Transport Under Unsteady Flow Conditions 2018
Sampling sufficiency for determining hydraulic habitat diversity 2018
Feasibility Assessment of Micro-Hydropower for Energy Recovery in the Water Supply Network of the City of Fribourg 2016
Bed Topography Evolution in a Discordant Bed Channel Confluence 2014
Experimental Characterization of Drag on Arrays of Rough Cylinders 2014
Influence of the Convergence Angle on the Morphodynamics of Discordant Bed Confluences 2013
Phase Analysis of the Stretching Cycles of the Head of Unsteady Gravity Currents Developing over Smooth and Rough Beds 2013
Temporal Evolution of Bedload in a Steep Channel over a Long Duration Experiment 2013
Time Dependent Failure Analysis of Compressed Riprap as Riverbank Protection 2013
Turbulent Flow Within a Random Array of Rigid, Emergent Stems: Laboratory Characterization of the Drag Coefficient 2013
Analysis of 3 Rd Order Moments on a Natural Vegetated Flow 2012
Interaction of Different Wavelengths in a Turbulent Flow Within a Random Array of Rigid and Emergent Stems 2012
Multi-Scale Correlation in Turbulent Open-Channel Gravel-Bed River Flows 2012
Visualization and Characterization of Gravity Currents over Rough Beds by Means of PIV Measurements 2012
Analysis of the Autocorrelation Within Turbulent Scales in a Gravel-Bed River 2010
Laboratory Characterization of Turbulent Flow Within a Random Array of Rigid, Emergent Stems 2010
Organised Turbulence over Mobile and Immobile Hydraulically Rough Boundaries 2009
Flow Dynamics over a Gravel Riverbed 2005

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