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Committee Name Position Start Date End Date
JAWER Editorial Board Editorial Board member 2020-04-01 Now
Japan Chapter Chair 2019-01-01 Now
JHER Editorial Associate Editors 2018-01-01 Now
IAHR Council Member 2015-08-01 2017-08-31
Asia & Pacific Regional Team Past Chair 2015-01-01 2019-01-01
IAHR Council Member 2013-10-01 2015-08-01
Japan Vice Chair 2011-07-07 2018-12-31
Committee on Coastal and Maritime Hydraulics Member 2008-01-01 2020-07-06

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Necessity of Using a Wave Friction Factor in Tsunami Numerical Simulation 2020
Numerical Simulation of Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport at Cua Lo Inlet, Quang NAM Province, Vietnam 2020
Evaluation of Longshore Sediment Transport Rate Along the Thu Bon River Delta Coastlines in Viet Nam 2017
Morphological Evolution of Beach Adjacent to the River Mouth After the 2011 Tsunami 2015
Behavior of Coastal and Estuarine Morphology on Sendai Coast After the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake Tsunami 2014
Breaching Mechanism Analysys of Coastal Levees HIT by 2011 Tsunami 2014
Investigation of Erosion Mechanism on Nha Trang Coast, Vietnam 2014
Investigation of Tsunami Overtopping a Coastal Embankment 2014
Seasonal Evolution of Shoreline Changes in Nha Trang Bay, Vietnam 2014
Study on Hydrodynamics of Nha Trang Bay by Using FVCOM Model 2014
Study on Water Quality and Hydrodynamic in Westlake, Hanoi by Using Mathematical Model and Field Investigations 2014
Tsunami Mitigation by Using a Shore-Parallel Canal and Coastal Embankment 2014
A Study on Factors Related to Long-Term Environmental Changes in Lake Jusan 2013
Dam Break Wave Simulation Using the Simultaneous Coupling Method 2013
Effectiveness of a Shore-Parallel Canal to Reduce Tsunami Impact 2013
On the Shoreline and River Mouth Morphology Changes Around Samegawa River Following the Great East Japan Tsunami of 2011 2013
Applicability of New Generation System for Solitary Wave Boundary Layer 2011
Field Measurement and Numerical Studies on the Tsunami Propagation into Upstream of Rivers 2011
Bottom Boundary Layer Beneath Long Waves 2010
Laboratory Study on Storm Impacts to a Sandy Beach 2010
Motion of Salt Water in Iwaki River Mouth 2010
Proposal of Generation Method of Bottom Boundary Layer Under Solitary Wave 2010
Mid-Layer Intrusion Simulation in Nagatsura-Ura Lagoon 2007
Laboratory Study of Sand BAR Development at a River Entrance 2005
Effectiveness of Jetty Construction at the Shiribetsu River Mouth, Japan 2004
Impact of Port Construction on Coastal and River Mouth Morphology – a Case Study at Sendai Port 2004
Use of Water Level Variation for Estimating Water Depth at a River Entrance 2004
A Study on Internal Seiche in Lake Inawashiro 2001
Study on Grid Dependence of Numerical Simulation for Circular Pipe Flow Using Low-Reynolds Number K-Ε Model 2001
Topographically Induced Upwelling of the Kuroshio and Its Effect, Northeast Japan 2001

IAHR Awards

IAHR Awards Date
APD Distinguished Membership Award 2016

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