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IAHR Council Technical Committee Chair 2021-08-01 Now
Committee on Experimental Methods and Instrumentation Chair 2019-08-06 Now
Committee on Experimental Methods and Instrumentation Vice Chair 2017-08-06 2019-08-06
Committee on Experimental Methods and Instrumentation Member 2015-08-06 2017-08-06
Committee on Fluvial Hydraulics Co-opted 2013-09-08 Now

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Non-Intrusive Density Measurements in a Gravity Current over a Porous Bed 2019
Sensitivity Analysis to the Pilot Channel Geometry in Dam Breach by Overtopping 2019
LES Modelling of a Flow Within an Infinite Array of Randomly Placed Cylinders 2018
A Pressure-Based Impact and PTV Methods Evaluation for Bedload Transport Measurements 2017
Modelling Tsunami-Generated Debris Flow in Urban Environments 2017
Vorticity Fluxes on the Wake of Cylinders Within Random Arrays 2016
2Dh Shallow-Water and Morphology Solver for Strongly Transient Flows 2014
A Tsunami in Lisbon-Assessment of Critical Areas 2014
Experimental Characterization of Drag on Arrays of Rough Cylinders 2014
Failure by Overtopping of Earth Dams. Quantification of the Discharge Hydrograph 2014
Flood Mapping at River Tagus. a Methodology Based on Mathematical Modelling and SAR Imaging 2014
Hydrodynamics of Flow in the Vicinity of Wall-Mounted Cylinder with Fitted Collar 2014
Experimental Characterization of the TKE Budget in Flows with Emergent Vegetation 2013
Turbulent Flow Within a Random Array of Rigid, Emergent Stems: Laboratory Characterization of the Drag Coefficient 2013
Analysis of 3 Rd Order Moments on a Natural Vegetated Flow 2012
Interaction of Different Wavelengths in a Turbulent Flow Within a Random Array of Rigid and Emergent Stems 2012
Multi-Scale Correlation in Turbulent Open-Channel Gravel-Bed River Flows 2012
Analysis of the Autocorrelation Within Turbulent Scales in a Gravel-Bed River 2010
Laboratory Characterization of Turbulent Flow Within a Random Array of Rigid, Emergent Stems 2010
Production and Dissipation of Turbulent Kinetic Energy in the Roughness Layer 2010
Experimental and Numerical Results on the 2D Propagation of Dam-Break Flows over Dry Bed 2005
Mathematical Modeling of the Morphodynamic Aspects of the 1996 Flood in the Ha! Ha! River 2005

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