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Committee Name Position Start Date End Date
IAHR Council Editor 2021-07-07 Now
JHER Editorial Editor 2020-01-01 Now
JHER Editorial Associate Editors 2018-01-01 Now
Committee on Ice Research and Engineering Member 2017-10-30 2018-06-10
IAHR/IWA Joint Committee on Marine Outfall Systems Past Chair 2017-06-20 2019-09-01
JAWER Editorial Board Associate Editors 2017-01-01 2020-12-01
Asia and Pacific Division Member 2015-01-01 2019-01-01
IAHR/IWA Joint Committee on Marine Outfall Systems Chair 2014-06-02 2017-06-02
IAHR/IWA Joint Committee on Marine Outfall Systems Vice Chair 2012-01-01 2014-01-01

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Mixing Characteristics of 45° Inclined Duckbill Dense Jets in Co-Flowing Currents 2020
Mixing Characteristics of Inclined Dense Jets with Different Nozzle Geometries – an Experimental Study 2019
Computational Hydrodynamics Simulations With Upc Parallel Architecture 2017
Attenuation of Surface Wave by Viscoelastic Floating Cover: An Experimental Study 2016
Concentration Measurements in Horizontal Dense Jets at Low and Moderate Reynolds Number 2016
Large Eddy Simulations of Inclined Dense Jets with Bottom Impact 2016
Wave Interaction with an Ice Ridge Embedded in Level Ice 2016
Modelling Particulate Transport of Sediment Disposal in Marine Environment-a Near-FAR Field Coupling Approach 2015
A Laboratory Study of Wave-Ice Interactions in the Marginal Ice Zone Using Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) as a Viscoelastic Model 2014
Particle Plumes in a Turbulent Background 2014
Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Modeling of Flood Inundation in Mekong Delta with TELEMAC-2D 2014
Experimental Study of Wave-Induced Drift of Surface Inextensible Film in Shallow Waters 2013
Mixing Characteristics of Inclined Swirling Dense Jets 2013
Two-Phase Modeling of Sediment Clouds in a Current 2013
Effect of air release height on the formation of sediment thermals in water 2012
Effect of Roll Period on the Drift of Large Ice Floes in Regular Waves 2012
Mixing of 45° Inclined Dense Jets in Shallow Coastal Waters: PIV Measurements 2012
Large-Eddy Simulation of Starting Buoyant Jets 2009
A Model for the Penetration Rate of a Boussinesq Starting Forced Plume 2005
Two-phase modeling of suspended sediment distribution in open channel flows 2004
Two-phase modeling of suspended sediment distribution in open channel flows/ Modélisation diphasique de la distribution de sédiments en suspension dans un écoulement à surface libre 2004

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