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Sustainable Development Goals Working Group Member 2019-01-01 Now
JHER Editorial Associate Editors 2018-01-01 Now
IAHR Council Member 2015-08-01 2019-09-30
Committee on Hydraulic Structures Past Chair 2013-09-08 2015-10-06
Committee on Hydraulic Structures Chair 2012-01-01 2013-09-08

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Effect of Rigid Vegetation on Equilibrium Bed Morphology 2023
Effect of Flexible Vegetation on Stilling Basin Erosion Downstream of Log-Frame Structures 2019
Erosive Processes Downstream of Arch Shaped Sills in Vegetated Channels 2019
Log-Frame Deflectors Scour Morphology in Curved Channels 2019
The Role of Shrubs in River Bed Erosion: A Preliminary Morphological Analysis 2019
A Preliminary Study of Field Scour Morphology Downstream of Block Ramps Located at River Bends 2018
Equilibrium Scour Morphology Downstream of Rock Sills Under Unsteady Flow Conditions 2018
From Developing to Developed Phase in the Scour Evolution Due to Vertical and Sub-Vertical Plunging Jets: New Experiments and Theory 2018
Scour Morphology Downstream of Log-Frame Deflectors in Series 2018
Semi-theoretical approach for energy dissipation estimation at hydraulic jumps in rough sloped channels 2018
Scour Morphology Due to Vertical Crossing Jets With Different Diameters 2017
Countermesures Efficiency in Limiting Scour at Bridge Piers with Debris Accumulation 2016
Hydraulic jumps on rough and smooth beds: aggregate approach for horizontal and adverse-sloped beds 2015
Protected Stilling Basins Downstream of Low-Head River Training Structures: Energy Dissipation 2015
Symmetric and Asymmetric Enlargements of Block Ramp Stilling Basins 2015
Erosive and Hydrodynamic Processes Analysis Downstream of Low-Head Rock Made Control Structures 2013
Scour Hole Profiles Due to Erosive Phenomena: Similitudes and Differences 2013
Effects of Vertical Deflectors on Rooster Tail Geometry 2012
Stilling basin erosion due to vertical crossing jets 2012
Analysis of Scour Characteristics in Presence of Aerated Crossing Jets 2011
Plunge Pool Scour with 3D Protection Structures 2011
Energy Dissipation in the Stilling Basin Downstream of Block Ramps in Presence of Rock Made Sills 2010
Sills and gabions as countermeasures at bridge pier in presence of debris accumulations 2010
Temporal scour evolution at bridge piers: effect of wood debris roughness and porosity 2010
Aeration and Velocity Profile over Block Ramp Elements 2009
Block Ramp Failure: Morphological Variations and Effects on the Downstream Scour 2009
Distribution and Maximum Seepage Capacity in Rock Loose River Structure 2009
Effect of Jet Air Content on 3D Plunge Pool Scour 2009
Energy Dissipation in Presence of Block Ramps with Enlarged Stilling Basins 2009
Scour control and surface sediment distribution downstream of block ramps 2008
Energy Dissipation in Submerged Block Ramps at Fixed Slope 2007
Local Failure of Base Block Ramps 2007
The Effect of Large Boulders on the Hydraulic of Unsubmerged Block Ramps 2003
The Use of Piles to Increase Block Ramp Stability 2003
Adverse Slope Hydraulic Jump: Sequent Depth 1999
“Numerical And Experimental Water Transients In Sewer Pipes” 1999
Watershed-Change Induced Uncertainty on Runoff Frequency for Water Resources Management 1997

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IAHR Awards

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Willi H. Hager JHR Best Reviewer Award 2012

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