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IAHR Position

Committee Name Position Start Date End Date
Committee on Fluid Mechanics Past Chair 2023-09-07 Now
Committee on Global Water Security Member 2021-12-07 Now
IAHR Council Technical Committee Chair 2021-07-07 2023-09-06
Committee on Fluid Mechanics Chair 2021-07-01 2023-09-06
JHR Editorial Board Associate Editors 2020-12-28 Now
Global Water Security Working Group Member 2020-03-01 Now
IAHR Council Member 2017-09-01 2021-07-31
Committee on Fluid Mechanics Vice Chair 2017-08-29 2021-07-01
JOE Editorial Board Advisory Editors 2017-01-01 Now
JHR Editorial Board Editor 2012-01-01 2017-01-20
Committee on Experimental Methods and Instrumentation Co-opted 2012-01-01 2015-08-06

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
A Comparative Analysis of Hydrokinetic Turbine Performance at Low Chord-Based Reynolds Number 2023
Development of Kelvin Helmholtz Coherent Structures over a Rough Bed 2023
Development of PIV-Based Techniques for Measurements of Instantaneous Drag and Fish-Flow Energy Exchanges 2022
Double-Averaged Momentum and Energy Balances in Open-Channel Flows over Streamwise Ridges 2022
Flow Development in Rough-Bed Open Channels 2022
Double-averaged kinetic energy budgets in flows over mobile granular beds: insights from DNS data analysis 2020
Spatially-averaged flows over mobile rough beds: equations for the second-order velocity moments 2020
Bed particle dynamics at entrainment 2019
Drag Forces on Sediment Particles in Unidirectional Water Flows 2019
Hydraulic resistance in open-channel flows over self-affine rough beds 2019
Drag and Reynolds Stress Distribution Within Submerged Vegetation Canopies 2018
Flow Structure in Compound Open-Channel Flows in the Presence of Transverse Currents 2018
Large and Very Large Scale Motions in Roughbed Open-Channel Flow 2018
Large and Very Large Scale Motions in Rough-Bed Open-Channel Flow 2017
Momentum balance in flows over mobile granular beds: application of double-averaging methodology to DNS data 2017
Spatially-averaged momentum fluxes and stresses in flows over mobile granular beds: a DNS-based study 2017
Particle motion and diffusion at weak bed load: accounting for unsteadiness effects of entrainment and disentrainment 2015
Aquatic interfaces: a hydrodynamic and ecological perspective 2014
On the definition of solid discharge in hydro-environment research and applications 2014
A Multi-Mechanism Model for the Velocity Profile in Vegetated Open-Channel Flows 2013
Diffusive Properties of Bed Load Moving Sediments at Short Time Scales 2013
Dynamic reconfiguration of aquatic plants and its interrelations with upstream turbulence and drag forces 2013
Flow dynamics in alluvial channels: the legacy of Kirill V. Grishanin 2011
Biomechanical Properties of Aquatic Plants: Implications for Hydraulic Engineering and Aquatic Ecology 2010
Effects of Plant Leaf Shape on Drag Forces Imposed by Water Flow 2010
Mixing Layer Analogy in Vegetated Open-Channel Flows: A Laboratory Study 2010
Friction Factor for Rough-Bed Flows: Interplay of Fluid Stresses, Secondary Currents, Non-Uniformity, and Unsteadiness 2009
Self-Regulation Effects in Open-Channel Flows: Application to Vegetated Channels 2009
A Viscous Drag Concept for Flow Resistance in Vegetated Channels 2007
Flume Influence on Developing Dune Beds 2007
In Situ Flume for Studying Cohesive and Non- Cohesive Sediment Erosion 2007
Three-Dimensional Measurement of Laboratory Submerged Bed Forms Using Moving Probes 2005

IAHR Awards

IAHR Awards Date
M. Selim Yalin Lifetime Achievement Award 2019

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