3rd JoE Webinar on Coastal Stability and Resilience
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3rd JoE Webinar on Coastal Stability and Resilience

This webinar starts at 12noon UTC | 1pm Madrid | 8pm Beijing |  7am New York | Monday, Dec. 11, 2023

This webinar aims to explore coastal ecosystems, focusing on the interplay between erosion protection by salt marsh vegetation and the challenges of stability and resilience in delta regions. This session aims to provide a holistic understanding of coastal dynamics, addressing how natural landscapes like salt marshes and deltas adapt and respond to environmental changes. By integrating these themes, the webinar seeks to offer valuable insights into sustainable coastal management and conservation strategies in the face of evolving environmental challenges.



Introduction of the Webinar and Speakers
Yujun Yi | Beijing Normal University, China

Opening Address
Takashi Asaeda | JOE Editor in Chief, Saitama University, Japan

Keynote Speech

Erosion protection by winter state of salt marsh vegetation
Maike Paul | Ludwig Franzius Institute, Leibniz Univeristät Hannover, Germany

Deltas in transition: a dilemma of stability and resilience
Leicheng Guo | State Key Lab of Estuary and Coastal Research, East China Normal University, China

Panel Discussion

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