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Study on Reducing Levee Breach of Earth-Filled Embankment

Author(s): Daisuke Tobita; Kakinuma Takaharu; Yasuyuki Shimuzu

Linked Author(s): Yasuyuki Shimizu

Keywords: Earthen Embankment; Levee Breach; Large-scale Experiment; Concrete Block

Abstract: For the purpose of mitigating flood damage from overflow at a levee breach, the authors conducted an experiment using the full-scale levee at the Chiyoda Experimental Flume on the Tokachi River. The flume dimensions are 1300 m in length by 30 m in width, with an accompanying floodplain of 80 m in width. In the experiment, a group of blocks were installed on the slope of the levee 20 m downstream from an artificial breach, and water was let flow from upstream. After the water was let flow, the breach progressed downstream until it reached the concrete armor blocks, which protected against levee failure. The downstream progress of the breach was expected to be arrested by the concrete blocks, which were expected to weaken the inundation flow from the channel. The control exerted by the concrete blocks was examined. The authors conclude that placing concrete blocks on the slope of the levee downstream from the point of artificially induced levee breach can control the breach effectively.


Year: 2014

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