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A Health Monitoring Method of Riverbank Using Self Potential Method with PFC Electrode

Author(s): K. Matsumoto; A. Takeuchi; T. Okada; H. Tamaki; M. Yazawa; D-Y. Song; Y. Shimizu

Linked Author(s): Yasuyuki Shimizu

Keywords: Self Potential Method; Riverbank; PFC Electrode

Abstract: In this study, a health monitoring method of riverbank using Self Potential Method with Plastic Formed Carbon Electrode was performed. Self Potential Method is investigation method of ground water, cave and fault by distribution of self electric potential on surface and under the ground. Condition of riverbank depends on internal water condition, strongly. Therefore, investigation of water behavior in riverbank leads to diagnosis of riverbank condition. Difference of self electric potential between two electrodes was measured on an experimental soil tank, riverbed and riverbank. The difference of self electric potential between two electrodes changed sharply by influence of existence of water or water flow. The results showed that this measurement system can obtain water behavior under the ground with good accuracy.


Year: 2010

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