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A Study on Correlation Between Vibration Characteristics of River Bridge and Water Level During Flood Using Time Series Analysis

Author(s): K. Matsumoto; D-Y. Song; T. Okada; H. Tamaki; M. Yazawa; Y. Shimizu

Linked Author(s): Yasuyuki Shimizu

Keywords: Flood flow; Time Series Analysis; River bridge

Abstract: In this study, the vibration characteristics of the river bridge generated by the flood flow were examined. The vibration signal was examined by Time Series Analysis. Measurement signal showed influence of flood flow, obviously. The higher water level increase, the higher the measurement signal became. A Time Series Model of the river bridge oscillated by the flood Flow was constructed. ARMA (4,2) model was applied to vertical vibration of the river bridge as Time Series Model with good accuracy. A Physical Model is also constructed. An equation of relationship between Time Series Parameters and Physical Parameters are constructed. The equation of parameter relationship expressed physical meaning of Time Series Parameters in this model. A function value of Effective Index calculated by Time Series Parameter could express changes of water level during the flood.


Year: 2010

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