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Characterization of Flow Resistance in a Floodplain for Varying Building Density

Author(s): S. Guillen-Ludena; D. Lopez; E. Mignot; N. Riviere

Linked Author(s): Diana Carolina López Reyes

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Abstract: Extreme flood events with high return periods (T>1000 years) are expected to be more common in the next decades due climate change. In these extreme events, land occupation in floodplains becomes a major issue as it highly influences the flow resistance and therefore, the hydrodynamic processes. The present work aims at identifying, as the land occupation increases i) the evolution of the flood risk associated with a high return period flood event and ii) the relative magnitude of the resistance forces acting on the flow by both the bed friction and the drag induced by buildings. For these purposes, this paper presents an experimental methodology to assess the influence of both the bed-friction forces and the drag forces on the overall flow resistance. Also, the transition from a flow governed mostly by bed-friction forces to a flow in which the drag forces due to the obstacles are predominant is studied herein.


Year: 2016

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