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Design of Scour Protections and Structural Reliability Techniques

Author(s): Tiago Fazeres-Ferradosa; Francisco Taveira-Pinto; Luciana das Neves; Maria Teresa Reis

Linked Author(s): Tiago Joao Fazeres Ferradosa, Francisco Taveira Pinto

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Abstract: In order to account for scour problems, protection systems are usually employed around the foundations, i.e. Arklow Bank OWF and Scroby Sands OWF (Whitehouse et al., 2011). Their design is mainly of semi empiric nature (De Vos et al., 2011) and probabilistic approaches haven’t yet reached a mature state of development, for cases of waves and currents combined. This paper provides the preliminary results of a reliability based methodology for the design of rip-rap systems, around a monopile foundation. The physical modelling of scour phenomena was combined with Monte Carlo Method in order to evaluate the performance of the protection. A failure criteria and the respective probabilities of failure are associated with the safety factor concept, by means of the shear stress quantification over the top layer blocks.


Year: 2016

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