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Velocity Measurements in Compound Open Channel with Pile Permeable Groynes

Author(s): Hassan S. Ahmed; Mona M. Mostafa; Gamal A. Abelraheem; Nashaat A. Ali; Akihiro Tominaga

Linked Author(s): Akihiro Tominaga

Keywords: Permeable Groyne; Compound Channels; PIV

Abstract: Presented here are the results of an experimental study on the flow field characteristics in the vicinity of floodplain double permeable groynes in compound channel with one floodplain. Groyne’s three relative lengths and four aspect ratios were used. The results show that, the groyne relative length has the greatest effect on the longitudinal velocity in both the floodplain and the main channel. The velocity reduction was more than 50% in the floodplain flow velocity compare with 30% in case of single groyne. The influence of the aspect ratio on the flow pattern was the same as that of the relative length but with smaller values. The effective groyne permeability, relative length, and aspect ratio were 60% , 0. 5, and 2 respectively.


Year: 2014

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