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Directionality in Stochastic Simulation of Sea Waves

Author(s): Michalis Chondros; Constantine Memos

Linked Author(s): Constantine Memos

Keywords: Stochastic Simulation; Boussinesq Wave Model; Joint Probability Density Function; Wave Directionality

Abstract: For short-term description of sea states, an alternative approach has been proposed by Memos (1994) which combines advantages of existing conventional methods. The essence of that approach is to retain probabilistic information on the associated values of wave height and wave period (H, T), which is of paramount importance in coastal engineering, especially in the design of both floating coastal and permanent structures. In the present study an extension to the last method is achieved by introducing in the probability density p (H, T) the wave directionality θ and thus rendering the probabilistic image a more integrated function by providing the joint probability density function p (H, T, θ). This modification was achieved by following a similar technique to making the wave power spectra incorporate the angle of energy propagation. Resulted probabilistic images are presented for a range of energy spreading functions in the whole directionality domain 0≤θ≤2pi. Applications were done upon stochastic wave fields in deep waters. Furthermore the results can serve as input to a wave propagation Boussinesq-type model, covering the whole range from deep to shallow waters, and providing wave field information at any inshore location.


Year: 2014

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