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The New MABA Multi Structure Slot Fish Pass

Author(s): H. Mader; M. Tauber

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Abstract: As many optimisation inquiries in the past just examined ecological optimisations of Vertical Slot Fishpasses, the present research project also focuses on the economical optimisation–to meet the contrary demands between the EU-wide aim of river continuum restoration at migration barriers (Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EG) and the aim of enhancing energy production from renewable energy sources (Directive 2001/77/EC–European Parliament–Promotion of electricity produced from renewable energy sources). The main purpose of the research project was to develop a new kind of Fish Bypass System, which shows a clear maintenance or even enhancement of the biological migration acceptance by aquatic organisms, keeping in parallel a significant reduction of the necessary flow. Both requirements are achieved mainly by obtaining isolated roughness over artificial wall surface obstacles within stretched slots with variable widths (Multi Structure Slots). The Multi Structure Slots create small pools between them and are arranged alternatively within large resting pools where energy dissipation takes place along a meandering stream course. Biological acceptance was successfully tested mainly with trout (salmo trutta fario), barbel (barbus barbus) and nase (chondrostoma nasus). The passage of fish through the Multi Structure Slot gives an impression of easiness; areas inside the MABA Multi Structure Slot Fish Pass were also used for resting by all species.


Year: 2010

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