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Water Ecosystem Service Function Assessment Research Based on Eco-Hydrological Processin Luanhe River Basin, China

Author(s): Cheng Zhang; Yan Denghua; Tianling Qin; Cailianhao; Baishaweng; Gang Wang

Linked Author(s): Cheng Zhang

Keywords: Eco-hydrological process; Water ecosystem service assessment; Eco-hydrological model; LuanheRiver Basin

Abstract: At present, ecological water are mainly occupied by a rapid development of social economic and population explosion, which seriously threat the ecological security and water security in watershed and regional scale. Due to the lack of a unified standard of measuring the benefit of water resource, social economic and ecosystem, the water allocation can’t take place effectively in social economic and ecosystem. The function which provided by water in terrestrial, aquatic and social economic system can be addressed through water ecosystem service, and it can guide the water allocation in water resource management. Throughout the researches of water ecosystem service, a clear identification of the connection of water ecosystem service function has not been established, and eco-economic approach can’t meet the practical requirement of water allocation. Thus, it is necessary to carry out the research on water ecosystem service assessment based on eco-hydrological process. This paper proposes a connection, establishes a hierarchical feature and an indicator system of water ecosystem service function based on ‘nature-artificiality' dual water cycle theory and eco-hydrological process in the beginning. In approach, this paper establishes an integrated assessment approach through prototype observation technology, numerical simulation, physical simulation and modern geographic information technology. The core content is to couple an eco-hydrological model, which involves the key processes of distributed hydrological model (WEP), ecological model (CLM-DGVM), in terms of eco-hydrological process. By making use of prototype observation technology, numerical simulation, modern geographic information technology and statistics approach, this paper systematically evaluates the eco-hydrological process and evolution of Luanhe River Basin in terms of precipitation, ET, runoff, groundwater, the scale, form and distribution of ecosystem. According to the results of eco-hydrological process, this paper assesses the direct and derived service function. The result indicates that the general service function of 2010 has minor increase than 2007, however the general function of two years are in common level; Compare with different region, the upstream, middle stream and downstream indicates “worse”, “common” and “good” level respectively. The first three derived functions are leisure, offer products and industrial water use.


Year: 2013

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